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I watched my favorite silent movie recently, Metropolis by Fritz Lang. I liked its dystopian vibe, the early special effects and the sense of innocence one gains from watching it. It highlights the gap that separates the rich from the poor. The rich live in luxury while the poor do all of the work to keep the city running. Even though silent films are largely outdated, I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking an enjoyable story.



I had a VERY dark and grotesque science fiction scenario that I intend to include in my superhuman series. Imagine that there were no more funerals and the corpses of everyone who dies, including children, are recycled and mass-produced into cyborg soldiers. On the outside, these soldiers would conspicuously look like robots, but when you crack open their shell you see a horrifying mixture of flesh, bone, metal, and circuits. To the government in the story, this will be seen as a civic duty that every citizen must fulfill. However, the reality would be that this would be a nightmarishly horrendous form of slavery that none of the government’s citizens can escape.



In some of the darkest dystopian stories I have been exposed to, there is always an integral part of human nature and culture that was being stripped away. For example, in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, possessing books were banned and any books that were found were promptly burned. Another example is the Christian Bale film Equilibrium, which involved banning human emotion and any items that would stir human emotion. In Equilibrium, feeling emotions and possessing unauthorized items were capital offenses punishable by death. In my superhuman series, I am considering raising the stakes by creating a world where religion was banned. Religion would still be used for creative and educational purposes, but actually believing and worshipping it would be capital offenses. This would be fitting since this world will be run by a totalitarian regime. I got the idea from things I heard on the recent news of people being persecuted for their beliefs and I wondered what would happen if that persecution persisted in the distant future. I can imagine it being a dark and cynical time ruled by dark and cynical people, which in my opinion would make a great dystopian landscape. One of my main characters and their family will secretly religious until their secret is leaked to the government and all hell breaks loose. This will serve as an integral part of this character’s origin story. Tell me what you think of this scenario.



One of the biggest pollution problems we face is how to safely get rid of wastewater as well as finding a renewal source of fuel and reusable water. There have been corporations and groups that have been looking for ways to convert wastewater into biofuel and reusable drinking water. It may sound disgusting, but there is method to its apparent madness plus if the environment becomes bad enough you would be desperate enough to try anything. I will tinker with this idea in the futuristic dystopian world in my superhuman series. When Ridley Scott made Blade Runner, he intentionally made the future look dirty and messy. I will follow his lead with my own project.


As many of you are aware, efforts are being made to civilization to be more environmentally friendly with our planet. Personally, they will never make the necessary changes in time. Due to this, I am thinking of setting my dystopian world in a version of Planet Earth that 95 % polluted and uninhabitable. The only inhabitable place on the entire planet would be a sealed dome megacity that is three times larger than Germany. Inside that city, humanity will finally be applying the environmentally friendly applications such as no fossil fuels, electric cars, and so on. The only catch is that these applications will only be used in everyday life AFTER the planet died.


In many of my previous posts, I mentioned the creation of a new superhero book series after The Young Guardians. I have tinkered with the idea for quite some time and I think I now have a firm idea of what the story should be about. It will take place in a dystopian future in which everything bad that is happening today reaches its fullest level (pollution, nuclear war, political corruption, terrorism, xenophobia, racism, corporate facism, etc.). I don’t think it would be fair to refer to the main characters as “heroes”. Instead, they will just be average citizens who are defying the status quo of their wretched world. This will be similar to the people who join protests against Trump, but on a more extreme level. I am planning to write this new project when I am done with the Magnus Dynasty Saga and it will be an even more complex story oozing with moral ambiguity. I will keep you updated on this new writing adventure!


I had a frightening idea for a series I will do in the future. Imagine if an extremist group secretly supported by a powerful government released a biological weapon that was intended to wipe out countries they hated. Instead, the weapon infects all of humanity and as a result, every infant that is born will end up as three different kinds of beings when they reach puberty. A third will be normal human beings, another third will be powerful superhumans, and the last third will mutate into flesh-eating monsters. Over time, this way of life would shape the dystopian world this series depicts. What do you think of this and how can I improve it?


I had a brainwave today when thinking of a new superhero story. I am thinking of making something that is a combination between X-Men, Hunger Games, and Battle Royale. Imagine a gladiatorial battle for survival between more than three dozen superhumans whose powers just manifested and only a select few are allowed to make it out alive. These gladiators will not have swords, spears, or shields. Instead, the only weapon they will have will be whatever powers manifested for them. I will be doing a lot of brainstorming on what powers these three dozen superhumans will possess. I believe this story is going to show a lot of action and psychological conflict. What do you think?


I wish to do a review on a dystopian scifi film called Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. I liked the overall concept of this dystopian world because it provided us with an idea of what society would be like if their was no human emotion. It was a fascist regime where being able to feel human emotion was punishable by death. Christian Bale’s character demonstrated how efficient and deadly someone would be if they had no emotions to cloud their judgment. However, we eventually see what happens when an emotionless person experiences emotions for the first time in their lives. I liked that from a psychological perspective. The film had a anime-like feel to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes dystopias and hardcore actions sequences.



For my new superhero series, I am envisioning it taking place in a dystopian world. I have been monitoring the news very frequently lately and I see the makings of a real-life dystopia. Global warming, terrorism, the slow death of democracy, failing healthcare, the  rise of fascist factions, hatred and racism aplenty, the threat of a third World War. Due to all of these factors, I will be creating this dystopia based on the possibility of all these calamities reaching their zenith. Like what if superhumans are the result of radiation from nuclear war or human experimentation in a failed attempt to make living weapons. Now imagine fascism being the only form of government this world knows where cyborg super soldiers maintain absolute order. With global warming, I can imagine the ice caps gone and sea levels rising to the point in which only one continent-sized piece of land remains. Due to nuclear war, the environment would be putrid and toxic beyond measure. Overall, I am thinking of creating a hellish world where these new superheroes would fight to survive and overthrow the corrupt regime that rules what’s left of their world.