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I think I have an idea of what the bittersweet ending to Game of Thrones will be. The White Walkers are obviously going to exterminate a great many people once they breach the wall. I think by the time the new Long Night is over about two thirds of Westeros’s population will be wiped out, a large number of noble houses will be gone, and most of the main characters will be dead. If Jon Snow is the Prince That Was Promised, I think he will be one of the few main characters to survive, but he will be the last person with either Stark or Targaryen blood. In the end, Jon would have to lead the survivors to rebuild their way of life, but he will do it all alone. Therefore, a new undisputed monarchy would rise from the ashes with Jon Snow as its founder. In a sad irony, he would reclaim his birthright as the true king of Westeros, but he will lose his entire family to the Long Night.


I stumbled across an article about what we could expect from next season of Game of Thrones:

  • The Wall will fall at the end of the season, while Jon and Daenerys have sex.
  • Sansa realizes she’s being played by Littlefinger (he tries to set the two sisters against each other) by the end of the season with help from Bran. Littlefinger won’t survive this. Arya will be the executioner.
  • Bran will cross the Wall during Episode 1. He will arrive at Winterfell by Episode 3.
  • Jon needs to provide proof that the Undead are real. So he goes beyond the Wall with the Hound, Beric, Thoros, and Tormund to capture one. They succeed but Beric and Viserion die in the process. They bring the undead to King’s Landing (they have a temporary truce with the Lannisters) and they show him to Cersei at the Dragonpit. She freaks out and agrees to unite their armies against the White Walkers. But at the last moment, she betrays them and doesn’t send troops, so that the White Walkers will thin out their forces. Jaime is mad and leaves her. He rides North to join the armies.
  • Cersei is pregnant.
  • Euron’s fleet destroys Yara’s, kills two of the Sand Snakes, and captures Ellaria. Theon abandons Yara. The ironborn finally lose all respect for him. He has a small reunion scene with Jon. Jon tells him that he won’t kill him because he saved Sansa.

Some of these spoilers I am glad about while others I am sad about. Overall, I look forward to seeing these events unfold. Winter has come!



It has been speculated that Jon Snow is The Prince That Was Promised, the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the legendary warrior who defeated the White Walkers during the Long Night. Some say that the Prince would be born under a bleeding star. If we look at this scene from the finale of Season 6, we can see the sword Dawn (which has a star etched on its pommel) leaning against a bed full of blood-stained sheets. This is a VERY conspicuous hint that Jon Snow is the Prince! However, in order to defeat the White Walkers the first time, Azor Ahai had to sacrifice his wife in order to gain access to the true power of his sword, Lightbringer. If Jon Snow is the Prince, I think I know who he has to sacrifice in order to defeat the White Walkers. If he forms a political marriage with his aunt Daenerys Targaryen, he may need to sacrifice her in order to gain control over her dragons, which would lead to him defeating the Night King for good. After leading the people of Westeros back into the light, I bet Jon will finally become king of the Iron Throne, but the new Long Night will have exterminated all of his relatives both in House Stark and House Targaryen. This would be a bitter-sweet ending as he would have to rule Westeros and rebuild the ruined world . . . alone.


I have started writing the new fantasy story for my ever-growing superhero series and I already finished writing the prelude to the story. The prelude explains the events that lead up to the story like how the world rebuilt itself after the Great Darkness and how the three kingdoms started their war. Now, I am about to write the first chapter and the tension is electric! I have planned extensively for this project and I already have a good idea of where to take it. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



I have always been a devout dragon fanatic ever since I was a child and I cannot imagine a fantasy world without them. Due to this, I am thinking of having dragons be one of the few magical creatures who survive the Great Darkness in my new fantasy story. I have a very specific idea of what a dragon would look like. I like the body of a wyvern, the beaked head of the Hungarian Horntail in Harry Potter, and the four horns of the Game of Thrones dragons. As for how their scales and temperament, I have a rather unorthodox view of what they would look like. Also, I am planning to have a dragon play a significant role with the future king in my fantasy story. I am getting excited thinking about this idea the more it evolves.


For as long as I can remember, dragons have always been my number one favorite mythological creature.  I have always admired their size, strength, and unrivaled majesty.  In various fantasy stories, dragons shared a number of traits, such as being able to overpower entire armies or incinerate entire kingdoms.  With such unmatchable power at their disposal, I strongly believe that dragons are living weapons of mass destruction.  I love dragons so much that I decided the main character of my series, Patrick Donovan, would have the ability to generate and manipulate dragon fire.  In addition, I also made Patrick think like a dragon with a personality that operates like a backdraft, normally calm and serene, but when properly provoked, the results are explosive like a backdraft being exposed to oxygen.  Also, a dragon makes an appearance in the second volume, but it is not like the rest of its species.  As the series progresses, Patrick will gradually become more dragon-like.


One of my favorite superpowers has always been pyrokinesis or fire manipulation because of the powerful ferocity it can give the user.  When I was designing one of the main characters of The Young Guardians Saga, Patrick Donovan, I wanted to give him a power that stood apart from ordinary fire manipulation.  To that end, I turned my attention to my favorite of all mythological beasts: dragons.  I wish to give Patrick features of a dragon while maintaining his human form, so I decided to give him the ability to generate and control the very flames that dragons breathe.  Apart from wielding dragon fire, I wanted this power to have a psychological effect on Patrick whenever he uses it to the extreme, which would result in giving Patrick the ferocious mindset of a dragon.