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When I wrote Numen the Slayer, I added an interesting feature to the ashes dragons leave in their wake. Dragon fire is well known for incinerating anything and everything it touches. However, from all that death and destruction comes the promise of new life. Like ashes created by forest fires and volcanoes, the ashes left by dragon fire is great fertilizer. In fact, due to the magical properties of these ashes, Dragon Ashes is the best and most coveted fertilizer in the Gradaian Empire. Wherever a dragon unleashes its fire, farmers and traders are not far behind, waiting to claim their share of the ashes. One kilogram of Dragon Ashes is enough to fertilize ten acres of land for a decade. Because Dragon Ashes is such a coveted fertilizer, farmers usually make pacts with dragons. In exchange for a percentage of their livestock, dragons would burn wood to provide the ashes.

At the start of Numen the Slayer, dragons were all but extinct and most of the Dragon Ashes were used up. After Numen the Slayer, Dragon Ashes become mass produced by newly revived dragons. As the years go by and Dragon Ashes becomes more common, the various lands of the Empire become increasingly more fertile, which promises more plentiful harvests than in previous years.


I had a frightening and epic idea for a future fantasy work. It will involve three armies, each one with at least 40,000 men and four dragons, fighting one another in an apocalyptic battle that takes place throughout an entire day. By the time the battle is over, most of the men and dragons involved in the battle will be dead. The dragon fire used in the battle would be so intense that the battlefield will burn nonstop for days. Plants will be turned to dust, rocks will be superheated and melted, and the remains of man and dragon alike will be mummified like the victims of Pompeii. It is going to be unlike any other battle I ever wrote and I can’t wait to write it. Wish me luck!



Some people say that it is physically impossible for dragons to breathe fire, but in Numen the Slayer I went scientifical on how dragons breathe fire. I drew inspiration from the real-life insect known as the bombardier beetle. The bombardier beetle has several glands in its body that combines combustible chemicals and spray them at attacking predators. I once saw a video on Animal Planet of a bombardier beetle being attacked by a tarantula and the tarantula was left with a burnt face full of toxic chemicals. I used a similar concept with the dragons in Numen the Slayer. In my book, dragons have a pair of glands in their mouths that are full of combustible chemicals like the bombardier beetle. When the fire is not in use, the glands are sealed shut, but when the fire is in use the chemicals are sprayed from the dragon’s mouth in two streams. Individually, the chemicals are harmless, but when the streams cross the explode in a blast of flaming liquid. This liquid operates like napalm in which it sticks to whatever it touches and keeps burning until there is nothing left. Trying to wipe off the liquid will only smear it more. Also, like greek fire, dragon fire would spread and grow faster when exposed to water. The only way to extinguish dragon fire is to bury it in sand in order to starve it of oxygen. In addition to its obvious destructive capabilities, dragon fire also has beneficial properties to human civilizations. The ashes created from dragon fire are among the best fertilizer around similar to ash made from volcanoes and forest fires. Therefore, after a battle involving a dragon takes place farmers and merchants would flock to the battlefield to harvest the ashes because they not only provide bountiful crops but are highly profitable in markets.



So far the Lannisters are winning in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, much to my disappointment. The Lannisters managed to destroy Daenerys Targaryen’s allies in Dorne, the Reach, and the Iron Islands as well as stranding her Unsullied in Casterly Rock. Now it looks like the Iron Bank of Braavos may side with the Lannisters, but only if they can pay the Iron Thrones’ debts. If the Iron Bank supports the Lannisters, there would be no stopping them because they would be able to pay for food, weapons, ships, and sellswords. Fortunately, Daenerys has yet to use her dragons and Dothraki, which she is clearly going to use in the next episode.

Right now, Jaime and the Lannister/Tarly army is marching back to King’s Landing with all the gold they plundered from Highgarden, which they plan to use to pay back the Iron Bank. However, that gold will never make it to King’s Landing because the Lannister/Tarly army is going to get ambushed by over one hundred thousand Dothraki backed by a dragon that is the size of a Boeing 747. It has been confirmed through a leak that the Lannister/Tarly army will be annihilated, which not only greatly diminishes the Lannister’s military strength but also prevents them from paying back the Iron Bank.

After this one battle, Daenerys will have achieved a crushing victory over the Lannisters for several reasons. First, with their land army gone, the Lannisters’ only military strength will consist of the garrison at King’s Landing and Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet. Second, without the Highgarden gold to pay back the Iron Bank, the Lannisters will lose their support and the Iron Bank might support Daenerys instead. Third, without any allies from the Reach the people of King’s Landing and what is left of the Lannister’s army will starve especially since winter is here. If Daenerys does defeat the Lannister/Tarly army and intercepts the Highgarden gold, she will greatly cripple the Lannisters’ chances of winning the war to the point in which they cannot recover.

Overall, I am looking forward to the Lannisters getting their butts kicked as they face Robert Baratheon’s greatest fear: fighting the Dothraki on the open field. In addition, they will be the first Westerosi army to fight a dragon in over one hundred years. Up until now, Daenerys has been holding WAY back, but now the kid gloves are coming off next episode as the Lannisters witness the full power of Daenerys Targaryen! Before she died, Olenna Tyrell told Daenerys to be a dragon instead of a sheep if she hopes to rule Westeros. Next episode she will bring the Lannisters FIRE AND BLOOD!


Tonight, I finally got to see Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow meet face to face. Aunt and nephew are reunited and the blood of the dragon is whole again. As their conversation progressed, I saw signs that Jon and Daenerys are meant for each other. Clearly, Jon Snow learned some bad habits from the wildlings by refusing to kneel no matter what. Like real dragons they were at each other’s throats the whole time, but the more they resist one another the more they desire one another. The signs are subtle, but they are there. If they marry it would be very fitting because House Targaryen has been practicing incest for centuries. At the end of their interactions this episode, Daenerys said a line that reminded me of the wildling Ygritte, who was the woman Jon Snow loved, which hints something big is going to happen between the last of the Targaryens. Only time will tell as the Season progresses.


Let’s say you hold up inside a castle with walls that are thirty feet high. You have a garrison of about five hundred men armed with swords, shields, spears, longbows, crossbows, and ballistas. You also have enough food and provisions to last you six months. Now imagine a dragon the size of the castle itself flying overhead. The dragon has enough firepower to destroy the entire castle unless someone gets lucky and hits a weak spot in the dragon’s hide. What do you think you chances of survival would be?



In fantasy, dragons have either four legs or two legs. This has been debated to be the difference between a traditional dragon and a wyvern. Personally, I like dragons who have two legs and two wings because it seems more physically plausible. There has never been a vertebrate in the fossil record that has six limbs so a dragon with two legs and two wings has more realism to it. Therefore, the dragons in my fantasy series will have two legs and two wings as well just to keep with the realism of the story.



While thinking of something original for the dragons in my fantasy series, I drew inspiration from the bombardier beetle. Bombardier beetles have various glands that combine combustible chemicals and when they are attacked by a predator the beetle sprays super-hot toxic chemicals that are the same temperature as boiling water. This gave me an idea for making my dragons breathe fire. What if dragons have similar glands in their mouths that ignite when they come into contact with each other? That way, a dragon’s fiery breath would not be pure flame but a thick stream of flaming chemicals. Now think of those chemicals operating like napalm by sticking to you as it burns you alive. That is essentially how I have imagined the dragon fire in my fantasy book.