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Another Star Wars attraction I went to was the Launch Bay in Tomorrowland. Inside, you got to see video documentaries, models, gift shops, and you got to meet your favorite characters on the light and dark sides of the Force. I especially like the documentaries because they showed the inner workings to what we can look forward to in the Star Wars universe. It also showed that Disney really is trying hard to preserve the legacy of Star Wars despite the flaws in their recent movies. That gives me hope.



I went to Disneyland with my godmother and we went to all the new and old Star Wars attractions. First, we went to a ride from my childhood: Star Tours! It is a flight simulator ride that shows you traveling to the various parts of the Star Wars galaxy. Simulator rides I can do, but I cannot handle roller coasters. They added new simulations since The Last Jedi. I was sent to the desert world of Jakku and the mineral world of Crait. It was so fun and immersive. I NEVER get tired of Star Tours! Also, since we might lose C-3PO in Rise of Skywalker, I said my last goodbyes to him as I passed.



Like some fans, I am concerned if Disney ruined Star Wars. However, after much thought, I have concluded that this is not the case. Most stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Star Wars, on the other hand, is not like other stories. It is a modern mythology that keeps growing, evolving, and expanding. With each film, video game, book, television show, and comic book, we are given another chapter that further elaborates on the mythology of Star Wars. It is a story that is generational in nature. With each new generation of fans, the story’s evolution accelerates. Some chapters are more enjoyable than others as is the case with every franchise, but as a whole the Star Wars franchise will endure and grow. Some die hard fans may not enjoy what Disney is doing, but newer and younger fans are obviously enjoying it and that is what is important. Those younger fans are the future of the Star Wars culture. Some fans did not like that the Legends stories were discarded, but I am glad it was. Even though I enjoyed the Legends stories, I noticed that they were overflowing with inconsistencies and contradictions. With it out of the way, Disney has an opportunity to create a more cohesive Expanded Universe. Compared to Legends, the Disney Canon is doing a much better job of connecting all the stories together into a giant tapestry. Overall, I am enjoying what is becoming of the Star Wars franchise and I look forward to seeing what new chapters will be presented to us.



In the Disney film Coco, we were presented with the Land of the Dead. It is a beautiful realm full of color, light, and music. Once a year, the dead would visit their living friends and relatives as though they never left. The only drawback to this shining place was that everyone’s stay was temporary. As long as the living remembers those who have passed on, the dead will continue to exist. Unfortunately, if the dead are forgotten, they fade away as though they never existed. Overall, Coco depicted the Land of the Dead in such a wondrous and heartfelt way. If this is what is waiting for me on the other side, then it would be an afterlife worth having. I would love to spend the rest of eternity amongst all my friends and relatives (both living and dead) while being surrounded by so much light, magic, and music.



Because I thoroughly enjoyed the first film, I have been waiting for the next Incredibles for 14 years and it was well worth the wait. I loved Jack-Jack and how they explored more of his powers and when he had his first battle with a raccoon, which added comic relief. The relationship between Elastigirl and the villain reminded me of the relationship between Superman and Lex Luther. It was also fun to get a closer look at the everyday life of a superhuman family. It has been confirmed that a third film is already in the works and I am counting down the days. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes Pixar and The Incredibles.


After watching The Incredibles 2, I noticed something familiar in the hero/villain relationship of Elastigirl and Screenslaver. Their hero/villain relationship reminded me of Superman and Lex Luther. Like Elastigirl and Screenslaver, they were initially friends, but became bitter enemies. Superman/Elastigirl is the superpower idealist while Lex Luther/Screenslaver is a genius inventor and billionaire. Like Lex Luther, Screenslaver viewed superheroes in general as a threat to humanity and uses Elastigirl’s weakness (freezing) against her just as Lex Luther routinely uses Kryptonite against Superman. I like how Disney and Pixar reinvented these classical superhero references while making the film and I hope they do it again in the next one.


Recently, I revisited the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I was reintroduced to this song: Hellfire. In this scene, the villain, Judge Claude Frollo, is suffering from an inner conflict between his beliefs and his lust for the heroine Esmeralda. Throughout the song, he pleads the Virgin Mary for salvation yet cannot let go of his desire for Esmeralda or his hatred towards gypsies. I found the Latin chanting and haunting choir music in the background to be chillingly exhilarating. Overall, Hellfire is a song of lust, sin, and damnation. It is by far the best villain song Disney ever produced because the evil and villainy Judge Frollo represents actually exists in the real world: a madman and zealot in a position of power who is willing to abuse his authority to achieve his own ends and unlike other Disney villains he does not require dark magic or monsters to pursue his goals. Still, the haunting music, atmosphere, and religious elements of this scene gave me much to think about for the religious scene I mentioned in my previous posts for my second fantasy book. Just as Judge Frollo was conflicted by his beliefs, hatred for gypsies, and lust for Esmeralda, my main character will suffer an inner conflict that puts him at odds with his beliefs and uncompromising hatred towards his father. My main character’s inner struggle will revolve around wrath, sin, and damnation like the backstory of a Shakespeare play.