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One of the darkest and most infamous aspects of demonology would be the concept of making a deal with a demon. In my story about Hell, the main character ends up in Hell not because of a particular sin. Instead, he was sent to Hell due to unwittingly making a pact with a demon. The demon in question is a young succubus (female demon) who desires the protagonist. In exchange for making the protagonist’s ultimate ambition come true, the succubus gets him upon his physical death. The way they perform the pact is somewhat unorthodox. Over time, the relationship between these two characters evolves to the point in which they genuinely love each other. You could say that their story will be one of forbidden romance between a human and a demon.



A female demon is referred to as a succubus. For my future story about Hell, I am thinking of making the female lead a succubus. She starts out as just another demon and is assigned to be the main character’s torturer. She is both inhumanly beautiful and unnaturally frightening at the same time, which makes the main character love and fear her simultaneously. She also just happens to be a descendant of one of the Seven Princes of Hell. However, she starts to fall in love with her would-be victim. By genuinely experiencing love, she starts to lose her demonic nature. Along the way, she starts learning how to be human. She was born only knowing and understanding evil, but after interacting with her would-be victim, she starts turning her back on the darkness. Her character arc involves the complex process of transitioning from being the protagonist’s tormenter and torturer to ultimately becoming his lover and soulmate. You could say she becomes my story’s version of Beatrice from Dante’s Inferno.



Demonic possession has lately been a common theme in storytelling and filmmaking. Series that featured demonic possession ranged from The Exorcist, The Evil Dead, and The Conjuring among countless others. For my spin-off fantasy trilogy, I am thinking of featuring a form of demonic possession. An ancient evil that has been sleeping for thousands of years will awaken in the mountains in the northeast. All who become exposed to its blood become possessed by its unholy evil. These possessed people will form a dark army that will destroy the world of humanity. This will present a form of horror to the story as a savage darkness sweeps across the Empire like an incurable pestilence.



Even though I love wolves and my pit bulls are best friends with wolf-dogs, I like the fact that wolves are often featured as villains in fantasy and folklore. In fantasy, villainous wolves included Wargs in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings as well as the Gmork in The Neverending Story. In Viking folklore, there was the demon wolf known as Fenrir, who was a son of Loki that bit off the hand of the god Tyr and slew Odin, the almighty All-Father himself, during Ragnarök. For my spin-off fantasy trilogy, I am thinking of including a whole pack of demon wolves that will act of dark assassins for the dark lord of the story.



I discovered the anime/manga Berserk and it has become one of my favorite dark fantasy stories. In many ways it reminds me of Game of Thrones in that the setting is dark and full of despair while depicting morally ambiguous characters. Another similarity I noticed between this anime/manga and Game of Thrones has something to do with two of the main characters, Guts and Griffith. Traditional fantasy stories depict bad guys as wearing black clothing while good guys wear white clothing. Game of Thrones reversed this stereotype with the Night’s Watch and Kingsguard in that the Night’s Watch wears black and yet they are considered the “good guys” while the Kingsguard wear white and yet are corrupt “bad guys”. This is similar to Guts and Griffith in that guts wears black and yet he is heroic while Griffith wears white and is a savage villain. The main villains known as the God’s Hand remind me of the Cenobites from the Hellraiser films in that they are seen as angels to some and demons to others. This story definitely makes you question whether or not humans are fundamentally good or evil. I would recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a morally ambiguous story.



I saw a silent film from 2005 called The Call of Cthulhu, which was based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. I am not usually a fan of silent films because I have to constantly pause to read the subtitles and the special effects are cheesy, but this film was different. Even though it had the subtitles and cheesy special effects, the story behind it all was chilling beyond measure. It revolved around a cult who worshipped a beast that was so evil and terrifying that all who see it go mad with fear! If you are into silent films, monsters, and mysteries, then this is the film for you.



Fanoxean is the incarnation of what I consider to be the epitome of absolute evil. Not only is he the main villain in the second volume, but he plays a vital role in the entire series. He is responsible for Tinisha crossing over from her world into 21st century Earth, which also makes him indirectly responsible for the Young Guardians gaining their powers. As a being of pure evil, Fanoxean is a nihilist, believing that everything in the universe and all realities are meant to be destroyed. In addition, Fanoxean is one of the Young Guardians’ most powerful enemies and while fighting him, the Young Guardians are forced to confront their inner demons.