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It has come to my attention that My Hero Academia has a number of references to Greek mythology. In fact, a number of the characters and locations are based on characters in Greek mythology. If you know where to look, you can find those references.

Let us start with the most obvious reference in Greek mythology in My Hero Academia. Both All Might and Deku bear some similarities to Zeus, god of the heavens and King of Olympus. While in his prime, All Might defeated and imprisoned countless supervillains, which is similar to how Zeus defeated and imprisoned the Titans. When he gave One For All to Deku, it symbolically represented Deku receiving Zeus’s thunderbolt. Deku represents Zeus because he acts as a leadership figure amongst his classmates just as Zeus was the leader of the Olympians. Just as Zeus was the strongest of the Greek gods, Deku is going to be the strongest of his classmates. After the Paranormal Liberation War, Deku follows in All Might’s footsteps by defeating and imprisoning every supervillain he encounters, which again mirrors Zeus versus the Titans.

Due to his aggressive personality and his love of combat, Bakugo is obviously based on Ares the god of war. The fact that he has gauntlets shaped like grenades is not just because he has the power to generate explosions. It is also because grenades are a common weapon in modern warfare. Just as Ares was the most reviled god on Olympus, Bakugo is not liked by his classmates.

It is no secret that Uraraka loves Deku. Throughout the series, it seems that Uraraka will eventually end up with Deku. If Deku represents Zeus, then Uraraka represents Zeus’s wife Hera goddess of marriage.

Tenya Iida best represents Hermes because the way he has engines on his legs is similar to how Hermes had wings on his sandals. During the USJ Incident, Iida was the one who went to inform the teachers that the school was under attack. This is reminiscent to how Hermes is the messenger of the gods.

Mina Ashido likely represents Aphrodite goddess of love. Her skin and hair are pink and pink is the universal color of love. Also, Mina is a romantic, which is evidenced by her being the most vocal and staunchest supporter of Deku and Uraraka getting together.

Momo Yaoyorozu easily represents Athena goddess of wisdom. The reason for this is because Momo is the smartest student in Class 1A and a gifted strategist.

Red Riot seems to symbolize Hercules for two reasons. First, his quirk gives him superhuman strength and durability. Second, his headgear resembles the visage of a snarling lion, which could be a reference to the Nemean Lion.

Due to his shining and sparkling quirk, outfit, and personality, it would make sense that Aoyama represents Apollo god of the sun.

Due to the fact that Tokoyami’s quirk, aesthetic, and personality revolves around darkness, it would seem that he symbolizes Hades god of the Underworld.

Tartarus Prison was named after the most hellish section of the Underworld. It was where Zeus imprisoned the Titans. Therefore, all of the inmates of Tartarus Prison represent the Titans themselves. Now, in recent chapters, Tartarus is breached and the Titans are free again. The Second Titanomachy has begun!

All For One’s strongest minion, Gigantomachia’s name is a reference to a war called the Gigantomachy. The Gigantomachy was a war that was fought between the Gods of Olympus and giants. Gigantomachia is certainly a giant and he fought against superheroes, which are essentially the gods of hero society.

As the strongest and most sinister supervillain in the series, All For One may present the leader of the Titans Kronos. When he was imprisoned in Tartarus Prison, All For One joined the rest of the Titans. As the founder and leader of the League of Villains, All For One further symbolizes Kronos’s role as leader of the Titans.

Finally, Tomura Shigaraki seems to represent Typhon, who was one of the deadliest creatures in Greek mythology and the father of many infamous monsters. Due to this sinister nature and upgraded body, Shigaraki has definitely become a god among monsters. Typhon fought Zeus multiple times just as Shigaraki will fight Deku multiple times.

Overall, I am glad that My Hero Academia has so many references to Greek mythology because Greek gods and demigods were the original superheroes.


“And then, there was Achilles. Now there was a guy who had it all: the build, the foot-speed. He could jab! He could take a hit! He could keep on comin’! BUT THAT FORSLUGGINER HEEL OF HIS! He barely gets nicked there once, and kaboom! He’s history.”

Philoctetes, Hercules

One of the most famous heroes of ancient Greece would be Achilles, who is best known for his participation in the Trojan War. Achilles had a complex heritage. His father Peleus was the king of the Myrmidons while his mother was a nymph and sea goddess named Thetis. His grandfather on his mother’s side was a minor sea god named Nereus. So, Achilles was a demigod in the sense that his mother and grandfather were gods while everyone on his father’s side were mortals. When he was an infant, his mother tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the River Styx. However, Peleus thought Thetis was harming their son and interrupted the ritual before it could be completed. Even so, being immersed in the River Styx made Achilles virtually invulnerable and invincible in combat. His power became legendary during the Trojan War, where he slew countless foes including Prince Hector of Troy. Despite his invulnerability, Achilles’s heel was his only vulnerable spot because it was the only part of him his mother did not dip in the River Styx. As a result, Achilles was slain by Prince Paris near the end of the Trojan War. It was his death that gave us the phrase “Achilles heel”, which alludes to something’s weakness. Achilles has always been one of my favorite characters in Greek mythology. In my story on Greek mythology, my main character’s name will rhyme with Achilles. I will also draw inspiration from Achilles’s complex blood ties with the gods when creating my demigod characters. The River Styx will also be mentioned in the story along with its invulnerability properties.