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I have just finished watching all three seasons of the anime known as Overlord. As a fantasy fan, I loved this anime and the dark aspects to it. The main character, Ainz Ooal Gown, was an overpowered badass. As such, it is one of those stories that makes you root for the bad guy. I hear rumors that a fourth season will be coming and I hope those rumors are true. It is one of those anime that makes you want more. I would recommend this anime to anyone who likes video games and dark fantasy.


I traced my ancestry on my father’s side more extensively and I realized that I am descended from strong and fierce people. As I mentioned in previous posts, my father and I are descended from Vikings and possibly the Anglo-Saxons and the Rus. Wonder what these Dark Age cultures have in common? They are all descended from the Germanic tribes that constantly resisted the conquests of the Roman Empire. I am thinking of introducing several barbarian tribes in my fantasy series that will be based on the various Germanic tribes of the Dark Ages. I already paid homage to my Celtic ancestors when I created the Welts so it is only fair that I give my Germanic ancestors a chance. For centuries, these tribes were divided and were only capable of small scale raids in villages and fiefdoms. However, as a result of the War of the Gilded Beasts and the subsequent regime change, these tribes will be gaining a new sense of cultural identity and will become more bold in their attacks on their more civilized neighbors. Dealing with these tribes will be one of the main challenges the young emperor will face.