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I have been rewatching the documentary known as Superheroes: Decoded, which gives a detailed description of the origins of the modern superhero genre and how it reflected the past century of American history. Even though there were several pop culture heroes such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Zorro, the first true superhero was Superman, who was introduced to the world in 1938. After Superman, comic book companies tried to make something that could rival Superman in terms of popularity and there were countless failures that are largely forgotten. However, the next major superhero to follow Superman was Batman. Batman was created to reflect the urban fears of the gritty city. The thirties were a time when the Great Depression struck America hard. While Superman was meant to give people hope in the face of the Great Depression, Batman was created to reflect the grim reality of crime-ridden cities. From this perspective, both Superman and Batman represent opposing sides of the human psyche with Superman signifying the ego and Batman signifying the dark subconscious. Even Batman’s origin story, which is the most unchanged out of all major superheroes, represented what could happen to you in a crime-stricken city.



In the Disney film Coco, we were presented with the Land of the Dead. It is a beautiful realm full of color, light, and music. Once a year, the dead would visit their living friends and relatives as though they never left. The only drawback to this shining place was that everyone’s stay was temporary. As long as the living remembers those who have passed on, the dead will continue to exist. Unfortunately, if the dead are forgotten, they fade away as though they never existed. Overall, Coco depicted the Land of the Dead in such a wondrous and heartfelt way. If this is what is waiting for me on the other side, then it would be an afterlife worth having. I would love to spend the rest of eternity amongst all my friends and relatives (both living and dead) while being surrounded by so much light, magic, and music.


I went to see The Greatest Showman tonight and it made me think of The Man Who Invented Christmas. Comparing these two films gave me an epiphany. The price of creating a legacy that will last until the end of time is high beyond measure. I am not just talking about financial price. I am also talking about the social and spiritual prices. Many pay the price and end up destroying themselves, never getting another chance. Some pay the price and destroy themselves and those around them, but their legacy and names will live on. Both P.T. Barnum and Charles Dickens created legacies that changed the world into what it is today, but almost destroyed their relationships with their families and loved ones as well as facing financial ruin. There are a rare few who do not pay the high price all at once, but gradually over time. I would say that I am one of those rare few who creates a perfect balance of paying the price yet maintaining my relationships at the same time. The road to an ultimate legacy is longer, but it reduces the risk of me destroying myself and it has worked out well for me so far.


For the longest time, I have been fascinated by the beautiful aspects of human culture. I have indulged in many of these attributes ranging from books, museums, plays, films, music, elegantly crafted food, and art. In each of these practices, I have witnessed the positive side of the human soul and strongly believe that this side with worth preserving. Whenever I watched a play, listened to music, or tasted classic food, I could feel a powerfully warm sensation pierce my heart to its core. As this sensation envelopes me, I can feel a certain lightness in my spirit as though I could fly. At the same time, I fear what would happen if human civilization was suddenly wiped out and all of this beautiful culture disappeared forever. If I was to save the world from destruction, one of the main things I would do would be to preserve our artistic legacy so that all of this soul and elegance wouldn’t be lost to oblivion. My next short story will demonstrate what role all of this culture will play in Vogan’s master plan and the outcome of volume five. Not only will this new short story be the origin story of the main villain of my series, but it will illustrate how the positive aspects of human culture had influenced Vogan and his plan. Even though he is the main villain, there are some parts to him that will surprise you.