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Here is a poem from my latest published work, The Writing Arsenal of a Common Man:


Placed before me was a box as black as night.

The contents of the box revealed itself to be a batch

of crispy chicken pieces that steamed with heavenly

fragrance. This aroma made me light-headed as

though floating in a cloud. Coating the chicken was a

sauce that gave it the appearance of crimson gold



As I sank my dripping teeth into the fried flesh,

I savored its intoxicating richness. A slight burning

sensation surged in my mouth as it processed

the chicken’s tangy spices. I can hear the chicken crunch

in my molars like dry wafers.


With my elegant meal completed, I sat in my chair

consumed by satisfaction. The interior of my

stomach churns happily like a cauldron of bliss.

My tongue cringed with the powerful aftertaste

like an angel’s kiss. I then contemplate the moment

when I received the black box.



I recently discovered that sugar sculptures were a regular part of the aristocratic diet in medieval times, particularly during the Tudor dynasty. I don’t know if I will be able to locate a bakery with this type of pastry in my area, but if I can I will attempt to sample one of these sculptures. During the reign of Henry VIII, he had an entire dessert meal that had multiple courses ranging from jelly made from deer antler, sugar wafers, and sugar sculptures like this one. Even more amazing was the fact that this was only one of at least five different meals in one day! I think I will basing this routine in the everyday life of the king in my fantasy series.



One of the traditional medieval meals was the meat pie, which consisted of a juicy meaty center encased by a crunchy shell. In order to gain inspiration for the food in my fantasy series, I will somehow find a way to sample this dish. I might either have a chicken pot pie or make a traditional meat pie myself. I will keep you updated on any further developments.