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Crowns have always served as the symbol of a monarch’s authority for thousands of years. In my fantasy series, crowns also serve the same purpose. Every king, queen, emperor, and empress in Gradaia’s Empire wears one, each in their own unique style. So far I have depicted three crowns in Numen the Slayer, but as the series progresses, you will see the other crowns of the other monarchs in the Empire. The Sylvas’ Imperial crown is made of red gold, decorated with rubies and points that resemble curved horns. King Robar Baal wore a crown that was a circlet of black iron with a single ruby at its center. Numen’s crown is reforged from the Ferruman (meteorite metal) falchion of King Robar. Because it is forged from Ferruman, Numen’s crown is silvery-black and decorated with dark gemstones and five spikes that resemble thick sword blades. In future works, I will feature a crown that will shame all the rest.



I am thinking of giving my fantasy book a sequel that takes place after the main character’s reign. It would focus on their descendants and the aftermath of their heir’s coronation. At this point, I realized that medieval wars were fought for two common reasons. They are either fought for one ruler usurping another or a blood feud when the line of succession is disputed. There have been prominent examples of royal blood feuds in medieval England from The Anarchy where Matilda challenged her cousin Stephen for the English throne to the War of the Roses when the Yorks and Lancasters were at each other’s throats. I am thinking of having the sequel revolve around a civil war that is also a royal blood feud.


We all have a general idea of what a king’s crown is supposed to look like: a decorative ring with a collection of jewels and protrusions. However, I have come across an interesting challenge. What crown design is fit for an emperor? Since an emperor outranks a king, should a crown be more regal and elaborate than a king’s crown? If so, how should it look like and what design would be worthy of an absolute imperial ruler? I have struggled with these questions for some time while writing my fantasy book. Does anyone have suggestions? If so, feel free to share. Thank you for your cooperation.