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I am looking forward to seeing the new King Kong film that comes out next month. It is great that they supersized Kong to the size of a kaiju (giant monster) and have him fight other kaiju instead of T. Rexes. It broke my heart in the old King Kong films where Kong killed T. Rexes because T. Rex is my favorite dinosaur. I have also learned that this film is in the same universe as the latest Godzilla film and that Kong and Godzilla are going to have a crossover in which they fight to the death in 2020. Who do you think would win such a fight? The King of the Monsters or the King of Skull Island? I look forward to finding out.



One of the most unique undead creatures are wraiths. The reason for this is because unlike zombies, wraiths sometimes just have astral forms or have their minds intact. Due to their distinct nature, wraiths cannot be killed like zombies and as a result do not have the same weaknesses. For my fantasy books, I am thinking of including combination between a wraith and a homunculus. A homunculus is the alchemical term for an artificially made being. Imagine an undead creature that is created through the use of alchemy. It gives me goosebumps!



Apart from the phoenix, the gryphon is my other favorite mythical creature that has bird features. Traditionally, a gryphon possesses the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. With its ability to fly and impressive arsenal of weapons such as claws and hooked beak, I thought this creature would be a formidable beast to face. Like the giant and phoenix, I am planning of including this creature in my fantasy books.



Another one of my favorite mythical creatures is the phoenix, the legendary fire bird that is the embodiment of resurrection. When I envision this beast, I see an eagle-like creature that is as large as the prehistoric eagles that were big enough to carry humans away. I can see its wings and feathers glowing and glittering with lusters of gold and red like holy fire. Although I originally did not intend to include mythical beasts in my fantasy book, I decided to include such creatures such as the phoenix to give the story more flare and unpredictability.



In countless fantasy stories, there are heroes who gain fame and glory by slaying monsters. Saint George slew a dragon, Beowulf slew the monster Grendel, and Hercules slew the Nemean lion. I am thinking of having the main character in my fantasy book have a similar experience. However, the creature he will slay will not be some mythical monster. Instead, I am thinking of him slaying a large predatory animal such as a wolf, lion, bear, or any other predatory creature you can find in the real world. He will only be fifteen years old at the time.



I saw a silent film from 2005 called The Call of Cthulhu, which was based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. I am not usually a fan of silent films because I have to constantly pause to read the subtitles and the special effects are cheesy, but this film was different. Even though it had the subtitles and cheesy special effects, the story behind it all was chilling beyond measure. It revolved around a cult who worshipped a beast that was so evil and terrifying that all who see it go mad with fear! If you are into silent films, monsters, and mysteries, then this is the film for you.



One of the most famous usages of alchemy is the creation of a homunculus, which means “little man” in Latin. In general, a homunculus is an artificial human being. The most famous homunculus would be Frankenstein’s monster since he was a man-made sentient being that was not naturally born. One could argue that robots, androids, and clones are real life homunculus because they are sentient beings that are artificially made. I imagine an army of hundreds of thousands of homunculus marching through the lands, creating mayhem and destruction wherever they go. It is a chilling idea to consider and I look forward to experimenting with it further.


I have been a connoisseur of fantasy and fiction all my life and, as a result, I have grown fond of a number of mythological creatures.  Among them are high elves, which have been described as the fairest of all beings, which could be an indication of angels without wings.  In almost every sword and sorcery story, elves have been depicted as being wiser and more knowledgeable than other beings.  For the longest time, I have admired the inhuman beauty and wondrous power that elves possessed.  With such tremendous abilities and dashing good looks, I thought that elves would make the perfect superhero and so I applied that idea into my work when I created Tinisha Dolaira, making her a member of the superhero team known as the Young Guardians.  While developing the characters for my series, I wondered what would happen if a high elf, who has been born and raised in a world where magic reigns supreme, is taken out of their comfort zone and placed in twenty-first century Earth.  They would be morally wise with strong ideals, but would be inexperienced about how the modern world operates.  I wanted to depict how such a scenario would occur and how the elf in question would survive in such an unfamiliar environment.