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At first, I thought of including only one Kaiju in my Kaiju story and portray its conflict with the local military. Now, however, I am thinking of raising the stakes and feature another Kaiju to battle the first. This will be a homage to the classic Kaiju stories where one Kaiju battles another. I already have an idea for what this new Kaiju will look like and what abilities it will have. This is going to be my own interpretation of the clash of the titans!



In Numen the Slayer, there is a colossal monstrous bear called the Graega. I named it the Graega because “Graega” is one of the Anglo-Saxon words for “gray”. Due to its status as a monster, I decided to give the Graega the same feel as Grendel in Beowulf. When standing at full height, the Graega is over ten feet tall and weighs over three tons. Its fur is ash-gray mixed with bone white. Its jowls are large and enclose powerful jaws filled with crooked and crushing teeth. One of its eyes is dead and its broad back has the scars and broken spears and arrows it acquired from countless battles with every warrior and hunter who was bold enough to face it. Its arms and legs are as thick as tree trunks while its paws are tipped with curved claws as big as meat hooks. The Graega’s roar is deep and guttural like a damned soul screaming for salvation. For a decade, the Graega was the scourge of the northern borders of Umbran, terrorizing every village and Welt settlement and killing every creature in sight like a demon of death. At some point, Numen and his companions encounter the Graega on their journey and have to deal with it.



I had an interesting thought about the Kaiju in my story. Since I am an avid fan of Greek mythology, I thought of making this Kaiju a primordial being like the Titans. This would be fitting since the Titans were the original Kaiju. For example, the Titan Gaia (depicted in the picture above) was the primordial mother of all life. My Kaiju will be based on the same concept as new mutated lifeforms and organisms are born from its very presence and flesh. Due to this, my Kaiju will have the power to not only destroy whole cities but also transform the biosphere and environment around it.


One of the most important features of a Kaiju is its roar. Every Kaiju has their own unique roar, which allows them to be instantly recognized from a distance. For example, Godzilla’s roar is the most famous and iconic Kaiju roar and it starts as a high shriek before turning into a deep bellow. While I have successfully came up with a name for my Kaiju, I have yet to come up with its own roar. Any suggestions? I would appreciate the help. Thank you.



One of the strangest and most disgusting creatures I have ever seen are hagfish. Hagfish are eel-like creatures that are voracious scavengers, picking a carcass apart in minutes when feeding in large numbers. To make the hagfish even more disgusting is the fact that their bodies secrete a thick slimy mucus that makes the surrounding water very sticky and slippery. Because of their seemingly unnatural appearance and abilities, I am thinking of including similar creatures in my Kaiju story.