Allow me to share some of my wisdom in terms of writing stories. If you are working on multiple stories that you have to finish in a timely fashion, dedicate a certain number of pages on each project each day. If you do that, then you will be able to finish those multiple projects in a timely fashion so that you can move on to other projects. Right now, I am working on two important stories at the same time and I am dedicating one or two pages on each project each day. At that rate, I hope to finish them both by the end of the year (That is if I don’t get writer’s block). I hope this helps those of you who aspire to be writers yourselves and wish me luck.


As I delve into my Creative Writing Class at Concordia, I am given my first assignment. This assignment involves choosing an old saying and interpreting it through a written work. I have chosen to write a written work based on the old saying “all ears” and the way I intend to interpret it is going to be somewhat otherworldly. This will serve as the first work to be featured in my new creative writing compendium, which I will publish at the end of the semester. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


This semester at Concordia, I have started a Creative Writing Class in order to expand my writing arsenal and refine my craft. I will learn how to write poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama as well as new genres as fiction. At the end of the semester, I will be gathering these projects into one work and publish it on Amazon. Overall, I am completely excited about this semester because I believe it is going to be a very fruitful experience.


For the longest time, I have dreamed of a perfect utopia and what would be required for one to even exist.  Because of human nature, the cost of creating such a world would probably be high beyond imagining.  Everyone has their own interpretation of what a utopia is.  In my opinion, a utopia would be a place where there is no evil, no war, no disease, no poverty, no prejudice, no famine, no pollution, with an environmentally friendly power source that is many times more powerful than nuclear power or oil, and everyone would have equal chance to have a great education and a profitable job.  Every time I think of this paradise, I am given a sense of grace and peace that I cannot describe.  My final fifth volume of my series will explore the concept of a utopia and what kind of price has to be paid in order for it to exist.  I will not spoil how this utopia would come into existence, but I can say that how it is created is not what you will expect.