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At the medieval reenactment, I got to sample a special kind of soup. It is a centuries-old Russian recipe that is a vegetable recipe with cabbage and kale. I even had the option to include some stewed pork. The pork was tender, the cabbage was mildly crunchy, and the broth was filling and rich. In addition, I tried bread from the period and it had a somewhat subtle vegan taste despite being bread. There will be scenes in my fantasy book that take place in a tavern or inn and I think this soup and bread would be something the characters could order.



After letting the hypocras marinate in the sugar and spices for 24 hours, I tasted the final results of the experiment. The combination of richness, sweetness, and spiciness has intensified, but not to the point of being intolerable. It very much had a kind of Christmas feel to it. Who knows? I might make this a drink for the Holidays. I will definitely include this drink in my fantasy book because it will be enjoyed by the filthy rich such as emperors or kings or barons.



Today, I managed to brew five bottles of hypocras, which is a medieval drink that was a form of medicinal wine that helped a king get through the night and help digest his countless meals. I used a non-alcoholic recipe in which I used grape juice instead of red wine. I had a small taste of the hypocras and it tasted exactly as it did in a documentary I watched. It was sweet, spicy, and rich all at the same time. I believe this will increase after the hypocras marinates in the sugar and spices for a day or two. I will wait for the results and keep you updated.



Soon, I will be undertaking an experiment in which I try to recreate a medieval form of win called hypocras, which is a medicinal red wine seasoned by various spices. The spices that went into hypocras helped tend to ailments such as heart burn and flatulence. During the Tudor Dynasty, Henry VIII drank this in order to help with his digestion from his countless meals and help him get through the night. In documentaries I have watched and studied, it was described as rich and spicy, but now I will be able to find out what it is like firsthand. I will conduct this experiment and document the results. Wish me luck!



I had an extravagant Christmas this year. My family gathered, we went to the Disney Concert Hall to see the sing along of White Christmas, and we had Christmas dinner at one of the fanciest places in town whose name escapes me. At this restaurant, I tried venison and sweet wine for the first time, both of which I needed to sample for my fantasy book. The venison barely had any flavor due to the lack of fat, but had a satisfactory aftertaste. The sweet wine was initially a balance between sweet and sour, but gradually became more spicy with each taste. Overall, this was a productive Christmas to remember and I look forward to the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!


Here is a poem from my latest published work, The Writing Arsenal of a Common Man:


Placed before me was a box as black as night.

The contents of the box revealed itself to be a batch

of crispy chicken pieces that steamed with heavenly

fragrance. This aroma made me light-headed as

though floating in a cloud. Coating the chicken was a

sauce that gave it the appearance of crimson gold



As I sank my dripping teeth into the fried flesh,

I savored its intoxicating richness. A slight burning

sensation surged in my mouth as it processed

the chicken’s tangy spices. I can hear the chicken crunch

in my molars like dry wafers.


With my elegant meal completed, I sat in my chair

consumed by satisfaction. The interior of my

stomach churns happily like a cauldron of bliss.

My tongue cringed with the powerful aftertaste

like an angel’s kiss. I then contemplate the moment

when I received the black box.