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I have news! My third volume, The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb, is now available on the Barnes and Noble website:



Emotions have always been one of mankind’s most defining traits.  I thought it would be interesting to introduce a character who could influence the emotions of others any way they choose.  Some people could sense emotions, others could induce emotions in another person, or a few could draw strength of one or more emotion in order to unlock previously dormant abilities.  What would be the results if someone wielded that kind of ability?  In my upcoming short story, the main character will have a love interest who possesses this power.  At first glance, it looks as though she can only sense the emotions of others, but as the story progresses, her ability quickly evolves into something more fundamental.  The details of just how much her powers will grow will remain confidential until the short story is released.  Overall, I believe she will be a unique character who is the general incarnation of a “people person”.


I have just concluded the battle between the main character and the supervillain in my upcoming short story and I must say that its ending was satisfactory.  I have just started the epilogue, which will depict the aftermath of the main character’s battle.  In addition, it will have a revelation that will link this short story to another of the three I have planned, which in turn will lead up to the fourth volume of my series.  Once the epilogue is complete, the citing process will begin followed by publication.  I am eager to get to work and I will keep you all updated.


I have more news regarding my first short story.  I started writing the battle between the main character and the supervillain today and I am overwhelmed by the exhilaration it gives me.  So far, the battle is intense and increasingly violent with a hint of psychological conflict as well.  Both characters wield such power that extreme collateral damage is inevitable.  At the rate it is going, I expect to finish the short story sometime soon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have news regarding my first short story.  I have decided to allow the main character’s love interest, who is also a neohuman whose powers are emotion-based, to participate in the fight against the supervillain.  At first, her powers allow her to sense the emotions of those around her, but now I am thinking that her powers will evolve far beyond that.  I will not spoil everything, but what I can say is she will become vital in the battle against the supervillain.  Also, I have an idea for the ending of this short story that would connect it to another one of the short stories.  Since my volumes and these short stories are connected, they are essentially all part of the same superhero universe so the short stories will greatly elaborate the Young Guardians universe beyond the volumes.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have excellent news regarding my preparations for WonderCon.  I received the designs for both my book marks and t-shirts.  The book marks will come in three different variants, each one themed after each of my books.  As for the t-shirts, they are made for an entire classroom of high school students who will be attending WonderCon.  There will be well over a dozen students and three teachers, one of which will be assisting me at my booth.  With the book mark and t-shirt designs made, they will print soon and I will wait for the designs of my fliers and banner.  With each step taken, I feel ever more excited about the fast-approaching convention!  Wish me luck and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have an update on the preparations that are being made for my book signing at WonderCon this year.  Today, I got the final layout of the posters that will be hung in my booth and have placed an order to add the final touches.  Tomorrow, I will place the order to have T-shirts made so that my many volunteers will wear them at the convention.  I still have much more to do before everything is ready for WonderCon, but I am so far satisfied with what has been done.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Only two more months remain until WonderCon and I have done a lot of preparations so far.  I have completed the basic layout of the complimentary fliers and bookmarks I will be handing out throughout the weekend.  In addition, I have done the groundwork for the posters and banner I will be hanging at the back of my booth.  After completing the overview of these items, I have researched various locations in which I could mass-produce them after my godmother refines them.  I also acquired other vital paperwork that the people in charge of the convention requested.  For the moment, I am waiting for a local school to produce the character concept art that will be put on display at my book signing and am eager to finally see my beloved characters with my own eyes.  Overall, it has been a very busy and productive month and I look forward to all of the developments that will follow.


My schedule has become very busy ever since I received confirmation for my WonderCon booth.  The development that I am most eager for is that a local school has heard about my signing and some of their students are interested in making concept art for my characters.  So we made a deal that the best artwork will be put on display at my booth at WonderCon.  I am eager to see how these kids will envision my characters.  Wish me luck!