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While being able to see the future is a useful ability to have, it would be even more impressive if the user had the ability to control the future itself as they see fit. In combat situations, this would allow the user to win their battles every time because they would always control the outcome. Whether if the user’s opponent attacks or defends is irrelevant because the user would be able to counter every action their foe takes. I am thinking of giving this ability to the mentor archetype in my graphic novel series and their omniscient knowledge of the future will help guide them in their quest to avert a civil war.


After talking with my godmother and writers group, I believe I may have developed the first phase of my graphic novel plan. While the script is necessary in forming the bone structure of the graphic novel, it must also include artwork for each panel. Members of my writers group and my godmother know people who are gifted artists. I will therefore coordinate with them in order to arrange a series of auditions to see whose art is best suited for the task at hand. I will keep you updated on when these auditions will occur and the end results.


In my sequel series, one of the main characters is a warrior both physically and mentally. He would come from a planet in which resources are scarce and it’s every man for himself, which molds him into a brutal individual. In terms of personality, he would be a person who is hopelessly addicted to fighting, which causes him to constantly look for a good battle. His powers are specifically made for combat because he is superhumanly strong and resilient, which would make him like a berserker. This would make him nearly unstoppable, being able to ignore injuries and keep fighting even if he loses a limb or two. His character development will revolve around being able to overcome his warrior mindset and acknowledge that saving a life is better than taking a life. Essentially, he will start as an anti-hero and evolve into an actual superhero.


I have started another superhero graphic novel project tonight and I am rather excited about it. This one will exclusively be a graphic novel script and I intend to submit it to a comic book company in the near future. I will work on it until there is enough material to get the company started and then I will contact them. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.


It appears that in the near future, my writing schedule will become even more elaborate due to the rise of new projects that will expand my series beyond their book forms. In addition to the main five volumes of my series and the short story sub-series, I am also planning to continue the graphic novel script I started last year as well as utilizing the skills I acquired in my Screenwriting Classes to convert my books into screenplays. With enough luck and perseverance, I hope to have them made into both films and graphic novels. It sounds like a full plate and hefty task to undertake, but they are among my goals to accomplish with my series. Wish me luck!