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While contemplating what kinds of mythical creatures to include in my new fantasy book, I realized something. When I think about the concept of a chicken being retro-engineered back into a dinosaur, it kind of resembles the mythical creature known as the cockatrice. The cockatrice was a reptilian beast with the head of a rooster. By combining the science of the dinosaur retro-engineering project with myth, I can envision including a cockatrice. It would be the size of a chicken and would resemble a chicken, but it would have scales instead of feathers, claws instead of wings, and a long tail. I can picture it now.



Percy the chicken perched on my hand like a falcon getting ready to launch. Since there will be falconry in my fantasy series, I have taken inspiration from the experience. She gripped my fingers tightly, pressed her belly on my knuckles, and gently pecked my pinky. I was afraid she was going to peck me on the head because I saw an Animal Planet show in which a giant harpy eagle pecked on a guy’s head while perched on his hand.