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I thought of a frightening feature of a character in the second volume of my fantasy series. The red line on this picture represents a gnarled, cauterized scar that runs across the character’s face. When the scar is made, the top half of his ear is cut off and his face becomes so badly burned that his helmet fuses onto his flesh. I thought this would be a good feature for a villain. What do you think?


Numen 1

Allow me to give you a little overview of the main character of my fantasy book, Numen Magnus. I named him based on the Latin language with “Numen” being one of the words for “God” and “Magnus” being one of the words for “Great”. So the rough translation of his name is “God is great.” I based him on legendary figures such as King Arthur and Beowulf as well as historical figures such as Henry VII and William the Conqueror. Numen is the ultimate fantasy underdog because he is stripped of everything he owns and forced to survive in the uncharted wilderness.


The skills of an assassin is undeniably lethal whether if they are killers for hire or just kill for the fun of it. Their profession would require them to be proficient in the use of firearms, edged weapons, poisons, and stealth. While assassins who are mere mortals are deadly enough, I wonder what it would be like if there was a superhuman who had powers that revolved specifically around assassination. Since they would be a killer, this assassin would be a lethal supervillain and I am already thinking of ways to include this individual in my sequel series. I am thinking this assassin could be one of the first supervillains the characters in my sequel series will face when they emerge from exile.


One of the main characters of my sequel series will be the archetype for a hero who is arrogant, reckless, and impulsive. The reason for his haughty personality derives from his intense power and gives him a sense of invincibility. However, this cocky nature makes him careless and prone to taking foolish risks. This along with his tendency to become an adrenaline junkie would make him the comic relief of the team. Sadly, as the first volume proceeds this character will receive a savagely brutal lesson in humility while fighting an individual who is significantly more powerful than him, which would add more to his development. I look forward to writing his part of the story.


As I continue to write the first volume of my sequel series, I grow increasingly interested in working on the main protagonist of the story for a variety of reasons. To begin with, he has the potential to become the most powerful superhuman of his era because his powers constantly grow and evolve. However, his constantly growing powers are completely dependent on his ability to form connections with others. After experiencing a traumatic event, the main character becomes psychologically withdrawn, which prevents his powers from growing after a few years. Therefore, one of the main themes of the story revolves around the main character overcoming his psychological withdrawal so that his powers can grow again. I drew inspiration for this character development from my own experiences with autism in that I had to overcome my psychological limitations in order to become the person I am today. I look forward to developing this character further and I will keep you updated.


As I continue to work on my sequel series, I start to envision how several of my characters will look like. For instance, the main supervillain will wear dark clothing that will consist of a tattered cloak that looks like a banner of war and featureless mask. Another supervillain will be encased in armor plating that gives him the appearance of a demonic creature. The most aggressive of my protagonists will have unique eyes that will strike fear into his enemies. My main protagonist will have a lanky build and will wear a roguish outfit. These are only a few examples of the character appearances I have planned for my sequel series and I am excited to envision more of them.


I have started the seventh chapter of my current short story and it is the chapter I have been waiting for ever since I started this short story. As a warning, this chapter will be the darkest and most graphic scene in the plot since it will depict an individual’s descent into madness. Some of the events that will take place in this chapter are based on things I wish could happen to anyone and everyone who irritate or anger me. In a way, this will be a very therapeutic chapter to write. On the side note, this chapter will serve as the turning point of how Vogan became the main villain of my series and set the stage for the events that have taken place in my series. I will keep you updated on any further developments.