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To most of Gradaia, the Welt people are often regarded as mindless, godless barbarians. While there is some degree of truth of them being barbarians, in reality they are highly spiritual people who rely heavily on the magic of their Druids and guidance of their gods. Part of their ideology revolves around paying their debts to people who help them, which is a policy they take VERY seriously. House Baal spread false propaganda that Welts raided and pillaged villages to get what they want, but the truth is that Welts relied on trade to get provisions they had no access to.

Still, even though the Welts are a mostly peaceful people, they can defend themselves in frightening ways. In open warfare, Welts tend to drink potions that allow them to enter a berserker rage yet have just enough self control to tell friend from foe. This allows the Welts to fight numerically superior and better equipped armies. While in their berserker rage, Welts each wield the strength and fury of ten men and are immune to physical pain. Just as the Celts terrified the Romans on the battlefield in real life, the Welts frighten the Civil Folk of Gradaia when they make enemies out of Welts.

However, the Welts’ true specialty is in guerilla warfare and hit-and-run tactics. While the Civil Folk rely on castles for protection, the Welts rely on their forests like Robin Hood and his Merry Men rely on Sherwood Forest. Whenever an enemy force invades their forest, the Welts attack from the branches and shadows, wipe out several foes before vanishing into the trees. They repeat this process over and over until either the enemy is wiped out or give up and flee the forest. They also wire the borders of their forest with deadly booby traps. The only way to beat the Welts in their own territory is to burn their whole forest down, which the Civil Folk won’t do without stripping the kingdom of much needed timber and game. This is similar to how the Picts were able to keep the Romans from conquering northern Britannia.

Overall, I have a very personal connection with the Welts because I based them on my Celtic and Scandinavian ancestors.