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As I write, I often wonder what qualities make a great superhero team.  Every member of this team is unique in their own way and fights for their crusade against evil for their own reasons.  When creating Patrick, I wanted to create a character who always wants to do the right thing and is motivated to fight evil, but at the same time is conflicted by his own inner darkness as he struggles to gain redemption.  With Tinisha, I sought to produce a character that was highly experienced, but also hungry for knew experiences as well as have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings between darkness and light.  Joshua was the type of superhero who always wants to see evil punished in the end no matter the cost and his short temper makes him ferocious in battle.  As for Derek, I wanted to create an intelligent superhero who is an excellent problem-solver, but is basically the kind of person is along for the ride.  Gregory is an individual who has strong empathy towards those around him and fights evil for the sake of everyone he encounters.  With these characters and their unique traits, I was able to create a group of characters who are all compelled to confront the forces of darkness and have to work together in order to reach their common goal.


I have big news regarding the progress on the third volume of my series!  I have two chapters left to write as well as some minor revision. After that, the manuscript will undergo the editing process and its publication for 2015 will be on schedule!  I have been working on this project since after my last book was published and I am very pleased that it is near completion.  I will keep you informed on how the writing process will progress from this point.  Wish me luck!


Ever since my best friends and I were in elementary school, we always imagined what it would be like to have our own powers and form our own superhero team. When I decided to become a writer, I wanted to make that dream a reality in the form of a book series. So, I interviewed each of my friends on what powers they would want to have and I manifested that into the story. My writing style is largely self-taught. It was made through the use of my autism, which as I said before enables me to see the story in my head like a movie. I would then describe the movie that is taking place in my head. I also listen to epic music when I write because that style of music really ignites my imagination. Whenever I hear that kind of music, ideas flow from my mind like a river. In addition, I allows me to envision the battle scenes of my books in much greater detail.


I have received a chance to have my book converted into a manga graphic novel recently.  As a result, I am currently converting my first book into graphic novel format in preparation for this future project.  There are no guarantees that this arrangement will work, but I am more than eager to give it a shot.  I have never done a graphic novel script before, but this will give me an excellent chance to expand my horizons as a writer.  Wish me luck!  At the same time, I am continuing to work on the upcoming third volume of my series and am reached the climax where the main characters fight the main villain for the first time.  As the series progresses, it will be revealed that the main villain is not a stereotypical villain and a complex character with motives that are both elaborate and simplistic at the same time.


I decided to include magic in my series because I see it as something that transcends the laws of physics as we know it.  The way I see it, true magic is not something you see on a stage or show, but something that exists in another world such as an alternate reality or dimension.  In Tinisha Dolaira’s case, she comes from such a world where beings are capable of things that would not be possible in our world.  As a result, she is well-versed in magic and can utilize it in various ways.  For defensive purposes, she can use magic to heal injuries, such as those her team sustains in battle.  For offensive purposes, she can unleash beams of energy that can overwhelm most opponents.  Also, she can use magic to grant other beings superhuman abilities through the Genesis Spell, which is something she can only do once in her entire lifetime.  If real magic existed, we probably would be capable of such feats as well.


On Barnes and Noble’s website, the first volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, received this five star review:

“I have read this author before and he has a way of writing page turning material. In this new book he follows a group of LA youths who are transformed from mere mortals into protectors for the benefit of humanity. An interesting aspect of this book is that in a character appendix, the author lists all of the super powers of his heroes. This drama plays out in the area around Los Angeles, and their arch enemy is the Cyber Shadow who is tall, with red eyes, and dresses in black and grey armor. He is a power hungry madman who wants to be King of the World. It is the Young Guardian’s job to make sure that does not happen. All of the battling leads to a dramatic confrontation, but it is not the end of the story. Although the Shadow is defeated, it turns out that he has not been vanquished. The author is a talented story teller and includes many imaginative plot twists in this tale. This is a fast paced, dialog driver thriller that is hard to put down.”