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I had an interesting skill to give one of my characters in my space opera story. I am thinking of giving them the ability to dual wield two weapons at the same time. I am thinking of modeling their fighting style after the Japanese Daisho sword pair. Normally, when these blades are used, the larger blade is used for offense and the smaller blade is used for defense. However, this character will not be using a katana and wakizashi, which are the usual blades for a Daisho sword pair. Instead, they will be wielding one large blade and a small blade at the same time. I won’t say which blades they will be using, but it will be impressive.


If I am going to write a space opera story, I better include some specially made blades. For my story, I will be drawing inspiration from Damascus steel and meteorite steel. These blades will be made from a very special meteorite ore and they will be forged by welding multiple layers together to increase strength and sharpness.



In my new fantasy book, I will be featuring a Damascus steel dagger that looks like this recurve hunting knife. Some stories start with the actions of a single knife. In Game of Thrones, the War of the Five Kings started when a dagger was used to try to assassinate a comatose Bran Stark. In real life, William Wallace’s story started when an English noble tried to steal his knife and William Wallace responds by killing the man and fleeing from the town. I am thinking of doing the dagger theme in my new fantasy book and the story kicks into high gear because of how this dagger is used.



The Nzappa zap was a type of battle ax used in the Congo both in war and as symbols of prestige. In combat, the Nzappa zap could be used for hacking and slashing like a regular ax or be thrown from a distance and take a man’s leg off in twenty feet. I gave the Nzappa zap an appearance in Numen the Slayer during the Siege of Foxden. It is one of the tribal weapons I decided to give to a group of woodland clans called the Welts.



Another frightening and exotic weapon I hope to include in my fantasy book is an African blade called the hunga munga. This weapon was a combination between a battle axe and throwing knife. Due to its elaborate craftsmanship, the hunga munga had edges and blades every which way. Since it was traditionally wielded by tribesmen, I thought it would be fitting to give this weapon to the culture I will base on my Celtic ancestors in my fantasy world.



While watching Forged in Fire, I discovered a wide variety of different weapons that I could potentially use in my fantasy book. Among these weapons is the falcata, which was introduced by my Celtic ancestors before spreading to the rest of Western Europe. In some ways, the falcata operates like a machete as it hacks through enemy lines with powerful one-handed strikes. Also, this sword reminds me of the weapon of choice of Alexander the Great, which fits perfectly well with the theme of my fantasy book. Because I am drawing inspiration from my Celtic ancestors, I am thinking of including this sword in some of the factions in the fantasy world of my book.