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I just had an extreme idea for my fantasy story. What if the climax of the conquest consists of fighting three battles in a single day! These battles would take place within a few miles of one another and consist of an open battle, a siege, and a naval battle. A victory in one battle will decide the outcomes of the other two. The stakes are going to be at their highest and it will literally be winner take all! This is easily going to be the most insane battle I ever conceived of and I cannot wait to write it. Wish me luck!



The other day, I encountered an Italian Mastiff at the dog park. He was seven months old and not yet grown into his skin and feet. Very cute! Still, I learned that this dogs ancestors were used by the Romans on the battlefield. So that cute little puppy was a descendant of warrior dogs! Yikes! I can picture them in dog armor, bearing the scars of a thousand battles, amidst a ruined battlefield. Because this puppy looks like my beloved pit bulls and his ancestors were bred for war, I am thinking of combining these dogs to create a breed of warrior dogs in my fantasy book.



Since I have been gaining inspiration from various historical events in medieval times, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from an event known as the Hundred Years’ War. The Hundred Years’ War was a conflict that lived up to its name as England and France clashed with one another. The reason I am choosing to draw inspiration from this particular event is because I was thinking of creating a war that lasts a generation in my fantasy book. Essentially, after the rightful dynasty supposedly dies out, every nobleman would compete with one another to fill the power vacuum.


I have reached the tenth chapter of the fourth and final volume of my main superhero series and the pieces of the chessboard are coming into place. The Young Guardians are being introduced to the army who will fight alongside them in their ultimate battle. I have always been fascinated with the idea of armies of superhumans clashing with one another. You all saw in Captain America: Civil War how much damage a dozen superhumans could cause while fighting each other. Imagine how much more damage hundreds of thousands of superhumans would cause if they battled. This is easily going to be the biggest battle I have ever written in my writing career and I have spent a great deal of time planning it. It is satisfactory to see that battle finally taking shape after all of these years.


I had a fun thought about when Daenerys Targaryen takes King’s Landing next season on Game of Thrones. If her whole fleet goes for King’s Landing, I hope Grey Worm and his Unsullied are the first to land and do something similar in this scene from the film Troy. That would be fun to see Grey Worm take King’s Landing’s harbor with just 50 men as Lannister soldiers and Gold Cloaks fall by their blades. I hope we get to see it next season. Fingers crossed!