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Guess what? A close friend directed me to a professor and filmmaker who are interviewing autistic college students for a documentary. I am currently waiting to see if I will be accepted for the role. I will keep you updated. Wish me luck!


I found this video about a boy with autism who possessed tremendous talent in dancing. He was home schooled and won a “YES” from all three judges of Britain’s Got Talent. This goes to show that when an autistic person focuses all of their energy on their strengths there are no limits.


I saw on the news that an autistic child was abused at a school by a teacher and an aide. The teacher and aide were trained to diffuse situations like this, but they discarded their training and just did whatever they wanted out of frustration. The kid was only seven years old and had no control over his condition and yet these women treated him like a rabid animal. To make matters worse, the two women were given paid leave and no prosecutions were made against them. This infuriates me beyond words because the law is not doing its job to inflict justice on two assailants who assaulted a defenseless autistic child.

After watching this video, I also noticed that some people who viewed the video were making VERY offensive comments about autistic people in general. One said that this child should have been tased and put in solitary confinement for half a day. Another said that the child should have been executed on sight simply because he was autistic. Both of these comments make me very disappointed and furious towards individuals who say such things about people who share my condition. I am autistic so should I be tased and executed too? Because several people think this way, I am concerned about the future of my autistic brothers and sisters. What if they become targets for hate crimes? The very thought frightens me greatly.

Something very similar to this incident happened to me when I was one or two years younger than this child. My parents put me in a day care center, but the people in charge there had no skill or experience in dealing with an autistic child. One day I lost control of my motor functions and emotions. Then they grabbed me by my arms and legs, dragged me down the hall, and locked me in a closet for the rest of the day. When my parents found out, they got me out immediately. I remember my mother was crying and begging me for forgiveness while my father was ready to inflict frontier justice on the women who harmed me. After this incident, my parents became much more careful when it comes to finding people to help me with my condition. The two women thought they were teaching me a lesson, but the only lesson they were teaching me was how to hate and it left deep scars in my mind.


I saw on the news that a 10 year old autistic boy was arrested for kicking his teacher. As an autism ambassador, I am completely appalled by how the so-called police handled the situation. I was in that kid’s situation when I was his age. Back then I had little to no control over my emotions and impulses and there have been people who were cruel to me as a result. Rather than accommodate the child to calm him down they outright arrest him like a common criminal. I am officially losing all faith in our society. We have become brutal and sadistic to the point in which we traumatize autistic children over petty little things. I hope this video finally motivates the people to do something to change the way schools and the police handle situations like this.



I watched the new Power Rangers film and it was an enjoyable visit to my childhood. When I was a kid I used to watch their show all the time. My favorite Ranger was the Red Ranger because red is my favorite color and his Zord was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is my favorite dinosaur. As for the movie itself, they made a few changes to the Blue and Yellow Rangers by making one autistic and the other a lesbian. I thought this was a great idea because it made the Rangers more relatable to a new generation of Rangers fans. I myself felt an instant connection with the autistic Blue Ranger because I have autism. The Rangers themselves were great and I loved the designs of their suits and Zords. They started out as a ragtag band of teenage misfits, but they band together when the world needed them most like true superheroes. In a mid-credits scene, you get a clear hint at the coming of the Green Ranger, who was my second favorite Ranger because his Zord was a dragon, which is my favorite mythical beast. Overall, if you are a Power Rangers fan and wish to visit your childhood as well as experience this brilliant reimagining of the franchise then this is the film for you.


As I mentioned in my previous post, my autism and aspergers has a unique effect on how I process my emotions. Just as my autism itself is part of a spectrum, my emotions are organized in my the same way. One one end I can feel any emotion to the extreme while on the other side I feel nothing at all. During those episodes of emotionlessness, I am able to focus more on whatever tasks I am given. An example of this is when I am at work and I shelve and reorganize books. While doing this, nothing else occupies my mind not even my usual daydreams. This gives me a mindset that is similar to that of a machine. On the other hand, when I feel emotions to their limit my mind is almost on the verge of erupting like a volcano. An example of this is whenever I spend time with my beloved pit bulls. While in their presence, I feel the same kind of affection that a parent would have towards their child. Overall, this is just one example of how complex my autism has made me over the years.


There have been many cases in fiction in which superhumans are empowered by a certain emotion whether if it is rage, love, fear, or whatever. However, for some time I have wondered what kind of superhuman would be empowered by the absence of emotion. From time to time, I occasionally notice a temporary sense of apathy in my mind and during these occasions I realize that I am able to perform tasks with more efficiency. This is due to how my autism processes my emotions because sometimes I am able to feel everything and other times I feel nothing at all. Eventually, this gave me an idea for a character in one of my future books. With no emotions to cloud their judgment, I can imagine a superhuman thinking and fighting with greater precision. I cannot wait to experiment with this idea in the future.


Because my autism allows me to better envision my stories through music, I found another song that can help in my future endeavors. The following video includes Godzilla’s classic theme song. In my opinion, this song is the theme song of all Kaiju and I cannot watch a Kaiju film without hearing this song in my head. As I brainstorm the groundwork for my future Kaiju story, I sit in my chair and listen to this song repeatedly. Each time I hear this song, the images and aspects of the story become increasingly more vivid. I look forward to when the my ideas for my new story are finally complete.