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Apart from being an author and autism ambassador, I am also a cook from time to time.  My latest meal I made for my family included crispy fried chicken, brown sugar-glazed carrots, baked potato wedges, and chocolate fondue with dipping items.  I am also good at cooking pasta, salmon, and macaroni and cheese, as well as various other dishes.  Just like with my writing, cooking serves as a form of meditation to calm my nerves.


I have great news!  I just received confirmation that I will be getting my own booth for a book signing at WonderCon this year!  I am thoroughly excited and look forward to getting this project together!  WonderCon will take place on Easter weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center.  If any of you are planning on going, I will be there.


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and provide exciting news!  A few days ago, I was accepted to transfer from my current colleges to a four year university called Concordia University.  This will be a boon for my future writing career because the university provides a program for a Creative Writing Major.  With this program, I will be able to learn about many writing genres I never explored before such as nonfiction and children’s literature, which would greatly expand my writing arsenal.  In addition, it will grant me the education and certificates that I would need to explore other occupations that revolve around writing.  I look forward to begin next Fall.  Wish me luck and Merry Christmas!


The first volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, received the following review on Amazon:

“Grady’s books invite us into the mind of a science fiction lover. The characters are many and purposefully defined. Grady is a talented young man who obviously loves what he does. With time and experience his writing will mature and I expect to see his books around for a long time to come. Keep writing, Grady P. Brown! I am impressed by his bio and with what he has accomplished. I am still working through the second book. I love the descriptions of the characters and their traits rated on a numerical scale. Very inventive, and actually quite helpful.”






Last week, I attended a Comikaze Afterparty in Hollywood that was hosted by my good friends the Winner Twins, authors of The Strand Prophecy.  I was glad that I was invited by the Twins and once I entered the event, I felt an overwhelming sense of kinship that I had not experienced since Wondercon.  There were dozens of people who were into the same things I was: science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, anime/manga, etc.  Also, there were at least three other people who had autism, so it felt great to interact with others who share my condition, which made me feel less alone.  While at the party, I talked with the other guests about everything from Star Wars, anime/manga, and how they knew the Winner Twins.  I was definitely among my people and I could have talked about those subjects all night.  Finally, I was able to talk to people who understand what the heck I am talking about.