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While brainstorming for a future zombie apocalypse story, I searched for ways to make my zombies seem scientifically plausible. The zombie condition is often depicted as being the product of a virus, a curse, or something else that cannot be explained by science. However, what if it does not require a virus to become a zombie? As it turns out, there are many forms of parasites and fungus that take over the bodies of insects and turns them into zombie-like creatures. Also, what if there were versions of these parasites/fungus that can infect humans? I will be tinkering with this idea as I continue to brainstorm. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Allow me to give you all a terrifying scenario on this lovely Halloween night! I am thinking of depicting a semi-apocalyptic event happen in my fantasy series. This age of darkness will be caused due to a massive imbalance in the natural order. This imbalance will be caused by the excessive usage of dark magic and necromancy so that an overly ambitious few can be immortal. As this imbalance increases in intensity, the nights will be longer and darker, the screams of the damned will be heard for miles, and unholy creatures will lurk in every shadow. As necromancy is tinkered with to higher levels, worse undead abominations than zombies will appear in the darkness. One of the major obstacles the heroes will have to overcome is destroy the source of the imbalance and bring light and life back into the world.



Many of us have dreaded the thought of a nuclear holocaust. Most people believe it will come through nuclear warfare, but I feel it could come from another means. The film Olympus Has Fallen introduced a scenario in which a country’s nuclear weapons could detonate while inside their silos. I took this idea and expanded it to an even larger level. Imagine what could happen if the nuclear weapons of ALL countries detonated in their silos instead of just one country? When I consider this possibility, I think it could have extremely dire consequences to the planet. The resulting heat, radiation, and fallout would melt the polar ice caps instantly, resulting in rapidly rising sea levels. The explosions would shatter continents and create colossal tsunamis that would swallow up the surrounding islands and countries. The vaporized debris and fallout would block out the sky in a nuclear winter and super storms would ravage what remains of the heavens. Most of the planets biosphere would be gone and the surviving humans would be struggling to survive with what little resources remain. Essentially, this would be an extinction level event. I will toy with this idea when creating the backstory of the dystopian Earth in my superhuman series.



I had an interesting idea for a potential story and it involves a zombie apocalypse. When my friends and I were in high school, we watched Shaun of the Dead and wondered what it would be like if we endured a zombie apocalypse. Some of the ideas we came up with were extreme, unusual, and utterly insane. I already wrote books based on our fantasy of becoming superheroes so I may write a book based on our fantasy of surviving a zombie apocalypse. What would you do if you came face-to-face with legions of undead and the world as you know it collapses instantly? Let me know what you think.


I had a frightening idea for a series I will do in the future. Imagine if an extremist group secretly supported by a powerful government released a biological weapon that was intended to wipe out countries they hated. Instead, the weapon infects all of humanity and as a result, every infant that is born will end up as three different kinds of beings when they reach puberty. A third will be normal human beings, another third will be powerful superhumans, and the last third will mutate into flesh-eating monsters. Over time, this way of life would shape the dystopian world this series depicts. What do you think of this and how can I improve it?



The second Horseman to appear in the Bible was War. War is one of the easiest Horsemen to interpret. When I think of someone who embodies War, I am thinking of someone who has complete mastery of every combat style and weapon. In terms of personality, I can imagine this individual being like Kenpachi Zaraki from the anime/manga Bleach, which would be a berserker who is hopelessly addicted to fighting and bloodshed.



In the Bible, the first Horseman to appear is the one of Pestilence. Now, pestilence is usually something relating to either a virus or plague. However, while a biological virus is certainly deadly, I am brainstorming on something that causes more damage and spreads faster than any biological virus. With this in mind, I am considering creating a character who takes advantage of something psychological and spiritual in order to spread chaos. I have a few ideas and each one is more frightening than the last for in my final volume Pestilence will go forth and conquer.