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In the Flashpoint comic, we were introduced to an alternate version of Batman. Instead of Bruce Wayne, this Batman is his father, Dr. Thomas Wayne. Due to the Flash altering the timeline, Bruce was shot in Crime Alley instead of his parents. As a result, Thomas Wayne became Batman while his wife Martha Wayne was driven mad with grief from the murder of their son and became the Flashpoint Joker. Compared to his son, Thomas is a darker and more brutal version of Batman who has no problems of killing to get the job done. Witnessing the death of his son and the madness of his wife turned Thomas Wayne into a bitter and constantly angry old man. While Bruce uses high-tech gadgets to fight crime, Thomas uses guns and explosives. As Barry Allen once said, if Bruce Wayne is James Bond then Thomas Wayne is the Unabomber. Overall, I like Thomas Wayne as Batman because he provides a much deeper and darker look at the persona of the Dark Knight.



Normally, I am not a fan of Deadpool’s humor, but I rather enjoyed his new movie. I found the humor in this film better than the first and it was fun to see certain X-Men characters in a new light. What made me particularly giddy was seeing my favorite X-Man, Hope Summers, in her first live action appearance. I also hope she will appear with X-23 in a future film. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes Deadpool and good humor.


It is sometimes discouraging whenever a superhero dies because some of them are true heroes. It also is good for the story because despite all of their powers and skills, superheroes are still mortal and can die. One of the superhero deaths that left a lasting impact on me was the death of Edward Blake aka The Comedian from Watchmen. The reason for this is because The Comedian was such a flawed character who lived a violent life and he died a violent death. His death also set the events in the Watchmen comic in motion. As I draw closer to finishing my fourth volume, I realize that there will be a lot of superhero deaths in the final battle and it is the hardest thing I ever had to write.