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I love the first few scenes in The Legend of Vox Machina, specifically when we were first introduced to the main characters. The Legend of Vox Machina begins as all great legends do: with an epic bar fight! Before the fight begins, we learn that Vox Machina are a bunch of heavy-drinking party animals who are struggling as mercenaries. Then they get antagonized by the other patrons, resulting in the bar fight in question. One of the members of Vox Machina, the half-elf rogue Vax, manages to sneak an extra drink before resuming his fight. The half-elf druid, Keyleth, was so hideously drunk that she even used her own vomit as a weapon. The human gunslinger (and only gentleman in the group), Percy managed to catch some patrons off guard with his gun, but his weapon malfunctions. The half-elf ranger, Vex, has her bow’s aim thrown off by the gnome cleric, Pike, before resuming her fight. At one point, Vex summons her pet bear, Trinket. Grog, the goliath barbarian, tries to come to his friends’ aid only to exacerbate things further. Finally, the gnome bard, Scanlan, was busy seducing an inhuman woman with both sex and music. After a while, the bartender breaks up the chaos and throws Vox Machina out when it turns out they do not have any money to pay for either their drinks or the damage done to the bar. With no money and a mountain of debt weighing on them, the group starts to question their purpose in the world. Thanks to the antics of Scanlan, the group found a notice from the crown that was hiring mercenaries to fight a great evil that was unleashed upon the land. The group answering this notice is how their true adventure begins and it all started from this one bar fight. Overall, I love this introduction because it shows a band of flawed characters and unlikely heroes who are funny and relatable. It is like Game of Thrones but with a bit of comedy thrown in.


I have been watching a new fantasy show on Amazon Prime called The Legend of Vox Machina. It is based on a web series where a group of voice actors play a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. In this show, those same voice actors play the same characters they used in the game. The show revolves around a band of misfits, outcasts, and unlikely heroes. When the story begins, they are the laughing stock of the mercenary industry until they are hired by the kingdom to defeat a dark evil. The characters are funny, relatable, and badass in their own way. Anyone who is a serious Dungeons and Dragons fan will notice the various Easter Eggs that are scattered throughout the show. Even if you are not a Dungeons and Dragons fan or are knowledgable about the franchise, you will enjoy this show. I have known the existence of Dungeons and Dragons for years, but I never played it. This show makes me want to play the game. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes fantasy, action, and crude comedy. Also, this show is definitely not for children!


After watching the found footage film known as The Dinosaur Project, I have become intrigued by the dinosaur named Crypto. The film revolved around an expedition to discover the existence of prehistoric animals. Among those animals was Crypto and his species. What makes Crypto’s species fascinating is that they are not one of the dinosaurs we are familiar with like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor. Instead, he is a new species that survived the dinosaurs’ extinction and spent the next 65 million years continuing to evolve in isolation.

Thanks to unchecked adaptation, Crypto and his kind acquired a number of features you would not find in real life theropod dinosaurs. For example, Crypto possesses a neck frill like the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. However, while the Dilophosaurus used its neck frill as a warning sign to go along with its venomous spit, Crypto’s neck frill was designed to be for display. This would allow Crypto to seem much larger than he really was, which would ward off bigger predators. Like the Dilophosaurus, Crypto was also a spitter. However, instead of venom, Crypto would spit a slimy pheromone that would mimic his scent. He used this to protect his human friend, Luke, from his giant parents. Finally, Crypto was an amphibious animal, able to swim like a dolphin in the Congo’s rivers.

Even though we got to see Crypto’s parents at the end of the film, we did not see any of their capabilities other than the fact they are capable of tearing a grown human apart. They were roughly the size of either a medium-sized or large carnivorous dinosaur. When taking Crypto’s adaptations into account, I have a good idea of what an adult member of Crypto’s species would be like. With the neck frill, an adult specimen would likely use it to attract mates and discourage rivals. With the slimy pheromone, it is likely used to mark territory much like how some animals use scent glands to mark their territory. With the amphibious lifestyle, an adult member of Crypto’s species was likely a fish eater like Baryonyx or Spinosaurus when terrestrial prey was not available.

Overall, Crypto was an interesting dinosaur to watch even though he was a fictional species. He is one example of what is evolutionarily possible if dinosaurs existed in the modern world. If you want to see Crypto and his species in action, I recommend watching The Dinosaur Project, which can be found on Amazon Prime.


It is finally happening! After over a year of waiting, the Top Gear boys return with a new episode of the Grand Tour. It looks like they will be doing a treasure hunt challenge in Madagascar. I have been waiting for a new episode for a long time and it has been a painful wait. Because I am such a huge fan of the Top Gear boys, I was eager to see new material. Now, I just have to wait one more month until this new episode arrives. Welcome back, boys!


The Top Gear boys have had plenty of instances when they get angry and yell at each other. While in Columbia, the trio were exposed to the tropical heat, which also made their tempers hot as well. Not only did they shout and curse at each other, they also threw rocks at each other. I hear that none of this was scripted or staged because they genuinely were in a bad mood on set. As usual, the Top Gear boys did this with their unique charm. It goes to show that there is nothing more funny than watching three angry men in the jungle together.



I discovered that one of my favorite television hosts, James May, has a new television show where he travels across Japan. While he was in Kyoto, James tested a prototype robot called Robohon, which is equipped with information about all the locations in Japan. To use Robohon, James had to type in a nickname on the robot’s back and that was the name the robot addressed him. He tried to type in “Jim”, but accidentally typed in “Bim.” So for the remainder of the trip, Robohon called James “Bim” and proceeded to malfunction in hilarious fashion, much to James’s amusement. This scene was super funny and it showed just how funny James can be when he is by himself without Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. James’s interaction with Robohon was just one of countless funny encounters he had when he traversed Japan.