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While I have been working on my dinosaur book, my interest in dinosaurs has awakened with a vengeance. Due to this, I have been binge-watching all manner of dinosaur films. A number of these films were adapted from books by Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The rest are cult classics from the 1960s and 1970s. Even though their special effects were cheesy and their creatures are not scientifically accurate, these have been an enjoyable bunch of movies. I would recommend these movies to anyone who is seeking something old school to watch.



I love the Eragon books with a complete passion. Unfortunately, I am completely disappointed in how the film adaptation was made. Fortunately, I spoke with Eragon’s author, Christopher Paolini, on GoodReads.com and he provided the name and email address of 20th Century Fox’s new CEO. Through this information, Eragon fans will express why Eragon should be remade. Mr. Paolini said that every fan’s voice counts. With this in mind, if any of you is a fan of the Eragon series and wish to see a better film adaptation, I strongly encourage you to contact the CEO of 20th Century Fox and express why Eragon deserves a remake. The CEO’s name is Stacey Snider and the email address Mr. Paolini gave me isĀ eragon.reboot@gmail.com.