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I have been a fan of Jim Carrey for as long as I could remember. It is extremely difficult to keep a straight face around that man. While he was filming Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, Jim Carrey did the funniest impersonation of a dinosaur. Instead of making the classic growls and roars, Jim Carrey’s dinosaur impersonation sounded more like a dying chicken than a dinosaur.



I was one blessed geek today! I got to meet the man who has been the voice of Batman for as long as I have been alive: Kevin Conroy! I grew up watching this man’s version of Batman! Just being in his presence made my life complete! It was like meeting the Dark Knight in person!


Throughout my time in high school, I was an active member of theatre class. I acted in a number of plays like Charlotte’s Web, multiple Shakespeare plays, and Dr. Suess plays. The thing I loved most about acting on stage was that when you get into character you feel yourself transforming into someone else. It is such a rush to completely change your personality, emotions, and stature in a snap. The only thing I regretted was that we had no access to the hardcore special effects we needed to make the plays epic and intense. I am thinking of reliving those glory days for my superhuman series.

Here is the catch though. I am thinking of including a superhuman making himself publicly known by acting in a play. They would use their powers to produce very vivid special effects to make the performance as intense as possible. That would be one heck of a way to make yourself publicly known as a superhuman. However, such a display will have unexpected consequences.