One of the most evil forces in fantasy has always been dark magic. Dark magic has been the weapon of choice of countless shadow creatures ranging from sorcerers, dark elves, vampires, and so on. This sinister form of magic could be utilized to inflict unimaginable pain, transform beings into abominations, or even raise the dead. Overall, this unnatural practice can create things that only exist in your most terrible nightmares and must never see the light of day. In my third short story, the supervillain will wield this malevolent power. I am getting goosebumps simply thinking of the horrors they will attempt to unleash in the third short story.



When I was imagining what Tinisha’s sword would look like, I had taken inspiration from single-edged Asian swords such as this Mongul sword. I have seen in many documentaries that single-edged Asian swords such as the Japanese katana possess enough cutting power to cut through at least three thick pieces of bamboo with a single strike. Taking this fact into consideration, I thought Tinisha’s elf sword should possess the lightness, speed, and precision that Asian swords have demonstrated in the past. If you combine these factors with Tinisha’s superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes, then you would have a terrifying warrior to behold.



I visited the Franklin Institute today and it has proven to be an experience that has left me thinking. At this statue of Benjamin Franklin, it is stated that Benjamin Franklin regretted being born too early because he wanted to be in a time when America has evolved long after it was founded. In a way, I can relate to this statement because I often wonder how the world will evolve long after my time. What technology will be developed? How will society change over time? How will we change as a species? These after questions that have heavily influenced the creation of my upcoming sequel trilogy of my series.


As my series progresses, one of the many themes it will be exploring will be the psychology of the race known as neohumans. As explained by some of my previous posts, neohumans are people with superhuman abilities and are immortal in the sense that they do not physically age and they cannot get sick. Since they are immortal, neohumans are permanently in the prime of their youth and at their physical peak. However, what interests me is how their immortality and powers would affect their psychology as they mentally age. The main characters of my series, the Young Guardians, only possessed their powers for over three years and are only in their late teens. They have only scratched the surface of their mental transformation and they have already greatly changed as characters over the course of the series. On the other hand, the main villain of the series, Vogan, is well over 30,000 years old and being the most powerful neohuman ever to exist had changed him into a cold and analytical individual with a god complex and little to no sense of empathy. For the moment, it is unknown if the Young Guardians will become callous individuals as they get older or if something else will happen to them, but there will be a considerable surprise at the end of the fifth volume of the series.


Every writer has their own unique writing style in order to portray their story to their readers. Some focus on the emotions of their characters, others illustrate the scenery of their setting, and others elaborate on the sounds that can be heard on every corner. Over the years, my writing style has been largely self-taught and later refined by my mentor, Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg. At first, my writing style focuses on details surrounding the emotions, scenery, and sounds in order to give my readers a vivid picture of what is happening in my story. Also, I discovered how to structure paragraphs and dialogue all on my own. Later, after learning from Dr. Meinberg throughout high school, my writing style evolved to the point in which I could describe what needed to be described without using too many sentences. Most recently, as a result of my screenwriting class, I also learned some elements that I could incorporate into my writing. Even as we speak, my writing style is still growing and evolving. I believe every writer’s writing style never stops adapting.


As I come closer to finishing my second short story, I am already planning to begin my third short story, which will revolve around another significant character that will be introduced in my fourth volume. Like the characters in my other two short stories, this individual is personally affected by the immediate aftermath of volume three, The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb. This character’s powers will involve the manipulation of magic and it is implied that their potential in magic is stronger than that of Tinisha Dolaira, the series’ female lead. Also, the villain the main character will face might possibly be the darkest character I created since Fanoxean. I am toiling away on my current short story and look forward to focusing on this next one. Once this third short story is made, the significant new characters that will appear in my fourth volume will have a good introduction. I will keep you updated on any further developments and I wish you an early Fourth of July!



I went to an art gallery in Las Vegas and it featured a number of unique sculptures. Some of these sculptures portrayed individuals in various poses that demonstrate great flexibility and agility. Other sculptures almost looked like they possessed creaturely features, which gave me some ideas of creatures that could be seen in future works in my series. Overall, it was a very inspirational place to visit.



I saw my second Cirque Du Soleil, O! It was a very enjoyable show that anyone would enjoy from the elaborate acrobatics and the strong humor that was performed by a pair of clowns in sailor uniforms. This show thoroughly depicted the element of water in a way few people can imagine. The way water was portrayed in the show reminded me of the purity of Tinisha Dolaira, the female lead of my series. In my series, Tinisha possesses a spirit and aura that makes her inhumanly wondrous to behold like the lustrous depths of the ocean. In addition, this show extensively depicted another element: fire! There were flaming swords, twirling torches, and even a man set ablaze. The way the flames danced on the stage was almost hypnotic like looking at another world. This fascination of fire was one of the reasons I gave fire-based powers to my main character, Patrick Donovan. Overall, O was a show that would alter a person’s perspective of the elements and ignite their imagination whenever they see a drop of water.



It is my second day in Sin City and I am standing in one of the most profitable casinos in Las Vegas: The Bellagio! After examining its elaborate layout and luxurious settings, I am currently thinking that this casino would be a potential location for the Young Guardians’ battle with their enemy. The reason for this is since The Bellagio is one the most profitable casinos in the city, this would a perfect target for this supervillain and the perfect place for the Young Guardians to thwart them. Already, I can imagine the battle unfolding.

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