For some time, I have been brainstorming ways to include dark magic into my fantasy series. I have already introduced creatures such as the chimera that were created through blood magic and dark alchemy. I even provided hints to a mysterious event known as the Dark Death, the true nature of which is unknown. Now, I am thinking of introducing a form of dark magic that is so horrifying and unnatural that it would give future installments a horror vibe. I am envisioning a scenario that will involve mass insanity, an unholy pestilence, and grotesque mutations. To make this scenario more complex, this usage of dark magic will not be the work of a Dark Lord or some rogue Druid sorcerer. Instead, it will be the work of an ancient artifact with a will of its own.


Most members of the nobility often come across as arrogant, pompous, and tend to look down on those they deem lesser than themselves. However, I am interested in the concept of nobles who break that stereotype and are seen as unorthodox. Two examples would be Bleach characters Kaien Shiba and Yoruichi Shihoin. Both characters are of noble birth and yet they do not possess the type of personality you would expect a noble to have. They were informal and down to earth, which gave them a magnetic charisma that made characters such as Soi Fon and Rukia Kuchiki eager to serve under them. I am planning to give the main character of my third fantasy book this kind of personality. This is significant because the character in question is heir to the Imperial Throne and later Emperor of Gradaia. An informal and down to earth mindset would not be what you would expect from an emperor who rules overs nine kingdoms.


In my latest superhero book, Herawulf Rising: Origins, I featured a grotesquely mutated supervillain that served as Herawulf’s opponent at the end of the first volume. This character’s name was Ivan MacLeod, son of the main supervillain of the series, Ronald MacLeod. Ivan’s transformation was the result of a failed attempt to create an artificial superhuman. The results of his mutation were dangerously unstable, resulting in him becoming completely mindless like a rabid animal. The powers he was given were incompatible with each other, which not only put a lot of strain on his body but also caused his body to twist and contort in unnatural ways. Still, despite his unstable body and incompatible powers, Ivan was still a formidable opponent. In terms of real life inspiration, I loosely based Ivan on all of Donald Trump’s children. In fact, I chose Ivan for the characters name because it seemed like the male equivalent to “Ivanka”. In order to make Ivan a worthy opponent for Herawulf, I drew inspiration from other grotesque monstrosities such as Doomsday from DC Comics, the Tyrants from Resident Evil, and the High-End Nomu from My Hero Academia. By the end of their fight, Ivan makes a bloody mess out of Herawulf.


Due to coming out of his surgery too early, Tomura Shigaraki’s enhanced body cannot withstand the immense power of the All For One quirk and the combined strength of all the quirks it has accumulated. As a result, his body will rip itself apart if he is pushed too far. I have wondered how Shigaraki would overcome this limitation and I think I figured it out.

As we are all aware, the All For One quirk not only absorbs the quirks of others, but can grant quirks as well. With this in mind, Shigaraki may need to get rid of some of the quirks All For One possesses in order to reduce the strain on his body. Due to this, I think Shigaraki will give away some of these quirks to his lieutenants in the Paranormal Liberation Front. Like Shigaraki, the League of Villains members such as Dabi, Himiko Toga, Mister Compress, and Spinner as well as Meta Liberation Army members such as Re-Destro, Trumpet, Skeptic, and Geten will all have multiple quirks. However, due to the number of quirks All For One absorbed, it is likely Shigaraki will still have the most quirks out of all his allies. Plus, I am sure Shigaraki will keep the best quirks for himself.

If Shigaraki does this, not only will he be able to use his new power without any more hinderance, but his allies will become even stronger as they continue their war against superhero society. The All For One quirk has transformed Shigaraki into a walking armory full of weapons for the supervillains to choose from.


Every prehistoric ecosystem needs a medium-sized carnivore in order to act as a foil for the apex predator and help keep the herbivore populations under control. Since I will be downsizing my dinosaurs for my latest series, I have been searching for suitable size templates to draw inspiration from. I believe an ideal template for my medium-sized carnivores would be Herrerasaurus, which was a primitive theropod dinosaur from the late Triassic Period. The smallest known adult specimens were roughly 10 feet in length while the largest were about 20 feet. My story has two medium-sized predators so I will be basing their respective sizes on the size ranges of Herrerasaurus. My apex predator is already 20 feet long so I won’t be making my smaller predators the same length. One of my creatures will be 10 feet long while the other one will be about 15 feet long.


One of the hardest size changes I had to make with my fictional dinosaurs was finding a suitable size template for my new ceratopsian (horned) dinosaur. At first, I considered going with Protoceratops from Mongolia, which was one of the favorite prey items of Velociraptors. However, Protoceratops was too small for my story; about the same size as a sheep. Due to its size and large population, Protoceratops has been called the “Sheep of the Cretaceous.” Now, I believe I have found a more suitable donor to base my horned dinosaur on: Zuniceratops. Compared to Protoceratops, Zuniceratops was about the size of a cow and was a common sight in mid-Cretaceous North America. Zuniceratops was 3.5 feet tall at the hip, 11 feet long, and 330 pounds. Based on those proportions, I think Zuniceratops will be a satisfactory size template to base my horned dinosaur on.


The largest and most recognizable dinosaur in a prehistoric ecosystem would be the long-necked sauropods such as Brachiosaurus or Apatosaurus. However, I am thinking of downsizing my species on long-necked dinosaur for my series. I will be basing its size on Plateosaurus, which was between 26 to 33 feet in length and weighed between 2 to 4.5 tons. This creature won’t be as big as the titans of the past, but it will still be a respectable size; bigger than an elephant.

The largest little predator

Since I am planning to make my fictional dinosaurs smaller than the more iconic dinosaurs like Triceratops and T. Rex, I have decided to make the apex predator the same size as Dilophosaurus. Most people know Dilophosaurus as the venomous little dinosaur from the first Jurassic Park movie, but it was not venomous and was much bigger in real life. While the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus was 5 feet tall and 10 feet long, the real life version of Dilophosaurus was twice as big at 10 feet tall, 20 feet long, and weighing up to a ton. In an environment of fun sized dinosaurs, I think this would be a suitable size for the apex predator of that ecosystem. Such a carnivore could easily take down a human, which gives me goosebumps.