One of my favorite genres has always been science fiction because it presents a number of potential possibilities that science can produce such as robots, aliens, virtual reality, and so forth.  When I write my series, I analyze how some of the character’s equipment, powers, and origins.  For example, with Cyber Shadow I utilized the science fiction concept of the cyborg and how that technology could potential create a supervillain.  With Tinisha Dolaira, I thought of the possibility of her race, high elves, coming from an alternate reality or parallel dimension where the laws of physics are considerably different from our own.  Also, while the Genesis Spell’s supernatural effects are apparent on the Young Guardians, I also explored how it would effect them on a cellular level, which is an idea I got from genetic engineering as well as otherworldly energies that have yet to be discovered by science.  These are just a few examples of how science fiction has influenced my work and how great of an impact it has had on my life.



I have news regarding both the editing process of my upcoming third volume and the development of the fourth volume of my series.  As of yesterday, I have reached the 13th chapter of volume three, which means I am one third of the way done with the editing process.  With the rate it is going, it appears the third volume will be published on schedule.  In the fourth volume, I am still working on the third chapter, where a big battle is about to unfold that will foreshadow the powerful menace the Young Guardians will be facing.  Sadly, though, I have decided that a few of the main characters will die in the aftermath of the fourth volume.  I won’t say who, but it will have quite a profound effect on the Young Guardians.  The fourth volume will have more politics than the other volumes because of the significant changes the Young Guardians are planning for their organization.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


As many of you are aware, I have been researching every known superhuman ability to put together an arsenal for all forthcoming characters of my series.  After extensive effort, I have decided on which one is my all-time favorite power: REALITY WARPING. The inner workings and definition of this power is to alter reality itself by will alone and make whatever I imagine real.  As a writer, I have a very powerful imagination and have always wanted to manifest it in more than just in the form of books.  I could create entire dimensions, new life forms, or limitless wealth.  On the other hand, this power could also be used for dark and destructive purposes such as obliterating planets, wiping a species from existence, or making a person die with a single thought.  Personally, I prefer the more positive aspects of this power because I could do some real good for the world.  The only known limitation of this ability is my imagination itself.  So, this would be the perfect power for me.


As I wrote the first volume of the Young Guardians Series, I realized that the Young Guardians would have certain limitations that even their immense powers cannot solve.  The limitations in question are political and financial in nature.  Since they are only teenagers, there would only be so much they can do alone to gain the support that they would need.  After all, they would need to find a way to get housing, paying the bills, funding their activities, and finding loopholes in the laws against vigilantes.  To solve these problems, the Young Guardians receive the most unlikely of benefactors in the first volume and the true nature of that benefactor will be revealed in the upcoming third volume.  I will not say who this mysterious benefactor is, but what I can say is that they have what the Young Guardians need in terms of financial and political influence.  This will not make them above the law, but it will help them solve the basic necessities of being a superhero.


The past few days have been very promising.  First of all, the manga instructor that I mentioned earlier has distributed my manga script to six of his advanced students.  Hopefully, more will join in as the semester progresses.  Also, both of my books have been checked out from the Tustin Public Library.  The person responsible, who was a very sweet lady who recognized me from my author photograph, came up to me and told me she is really enjoying my stories.  She is almost half-way through the first volume and is eager for the third volume to come out.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


When I first heard of Raymond Kurzweil’s theory of transhumanism, I knew it was a concept I had to include in my work.  Basically, it involves transferring an individual’s consciousness into a machine.  While designing Cyber Shadow, I drew inspiration on that idea by having Cyber Shadow’s only organic component to be his brain, which would preserve his mind.  In the upcoming third volume, three more characters will be based on transhumanism through a similar process that created Cyber Shadow.  However, Cyber Shadow was only a cumbersome prototype, which means that these three characters will be much more advanced and sophisticated than Cyber Shadow ever was.  In addition, the man who invented this experiment will be identified.  I will not say who these characters will be or whose side they will be on, but what I can say is that one of them will have a very personal impact on one of the main characters.


I am making steady progress editing volume three.  As of today, I am currently editing the tenth chapter and have twenty-six more chapters to go.  At the rate it’s going, I estimate that the editing process will be complete by the beginning of December.  Also, I am in the process of writing the third chapter of volume four, where the Young Guardians will engage in their first battle in the whole book.  Regarding the enemy they will be fighting, I have thoroughly planned out their abilities and how much of a fight they will give the Young Guardians.  I am already excited about writing the whole scene and the significance it will represent for the future battles the Young Guardians will fight as the book progresses.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.