Here is an interesting fact about Henry VII’s reign. After he was crowned, Henry summoned his first Parliament and reworked recent events to suit himself. He legally labeled Richard III a false king in order to justify his own flimsy claim to the throne. What was even more unusual about Henry VII’s first Parliament is how he dated his reign. He dated his reign to the day before he defeated Richard III on the Battle of Bosworth Field. You may ask what is the significance of a single day. By dating his reign to the day before he defeated Richard III, Henry was effectively accusing EVERYONE who sided with Richard III of treason! This gave Henry the legal right to attaint Richard’s surviving loyalists any time he wanted. To be attainted is to have all of your lands, titles, and wealth stripped away. This frightened many Yorkists into submission and begrudgingly accepted Henry as their new king. I am thinking of doing something similar with my fantasy series.



For centuries, humanity has told tales and legends of sea monsters, great leviathans that filled men with both fear and awe. I am already thinking of including some frightening sea monsters in my second fantasy book, but I am thinking of expanding the marine ecosystem of Gradaia. For instance, I am considering including sturgeons and gar that are the size of whales. Both the sturgeons and the gar are living fossils who lived long before the dinosaurs and yet they are facing extinction due to human interference. I thinking including these mighty survivors in my series will give them a small sendoff that they deserve.


I decided that in addition to the war that will decide the fate of the Empire of Gradaia, I will be exploring Gradaia’s wildlife as well while writing my second fantasy book. For instance, I am thinking of creating a theropod dinosaur that has a combination of features from other theropods. For example, I could give this creature Carnotaurus’s body, size, and hide, Velociraptor’s arms and hands, Tyrannosaurus’s head, Ceratosaurus’s horns, Carcharodontosaurus’s teeth, and the feathers of various other theropods. I can imagine these beasts terrorizing villages and eating human and livestock alike. At times, I can see them scavenging corpses on a battlefield.

With herbivores, I am thinking of combining features of other plant-eating dinosaurs. For example, I could give it Triceratops’s face only without the horns, Iguanadon’s size and front legs, and a Hadrosaur’s body. I can picture these beasts roaming in herds through the fields and plains of Gradaia, grazing on trees and grass. I can also picture them being hunted by humans and predators alike.

With pterosaurs, I am thinking of combining the size and head of Pteranodon, the tail of Rhamphorhynchus, and the large head crest of Tapejara. I can see these creatures as either large sea birds or oversized vultures that feast on carcasses.

Overall, this will give me a chance to shake off some of the cobwebs on my knowledge of dinosaurs.


I thought of another book to work on in the future. I have noticed that many of the major fantasy book series include a book that elaborates the history and lore of their respective fantasy worlds. With this in mind, I am thinking of writing a book that explains all of the history and lore of the fantasy world in the Magnus Dynasty Saga. Everything from the fall of Homantis to the rise of the Sylva Dynasty will be elaborated. I am even thinking of hiring a neighbor of mine who is an artist to create illustrations for the project. Once I am done with my Magnus Dynasty Saga, I will keep you updated as soon as I get started.


I have reached the tenth chapter of my second fantasy book and things are getting rowdier. The kick-ass medieval wedding I promised will be undergoing its first reception feast. Also, one of the characters will have a crisis on their hands after an unexpected event happened earlier in the day. Overall, the plot is thickening with each day that passes and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have developed an interest in the concept of the death game, which has served as the main theme in stories such as Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and The Belko Experiment. In the death game, a group of people is forced into a situation where they have to fight and kill one another or face serious consequences. In each of these cases, only one person was allowed to survive the death game and would be declared the winner. I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, I am planning to create a SUPERHUMAN DEATH GAME in my future superhuman series. In this superhuman death game, exactly one hundred superhumans would be gathered (fifty males and fifty females) and they would be placed in a hostile environment. Each of these superhumans would have their own unique set of powers, which would be the only weapons they would be allowed to use. They will each be given a day’s worth of provisions and those provisions run out they would need to find food and water from their surrounding environment. If there are not at least ten deaths in three days, ten random superhumans would be killed by the overseers of the death game. The last five surviving superhumans would be allowed to live and they will be tested on the quality of their powers, wits, and survival skills. What do you think?