The dragons of my new fantasy series will have the same basic wyvern body shape as this image of the Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter. However, the shape of the head, neck, and tail on my dragons will be different. Traditionally, dragons would have four legs and two wings while the wyvern body shape consists of two wings and two legs. I like the wyvern body shape because it seems more physically plausible than the traditional shape. That is why I will be going with the wyvern body shape with my dragons.


I have decided that the main character of my new fantasy series will be in a situation where he meets his bastard half-siblings. In The War of the Gilded Beasts, it was revealed that the father of my protagonist was an insatiable womanizer and it was hinted that he sired illegitimate children. However, the fate of those illegitimate children was never revealed. I have decided to reveal what became of those bastards in future volumes of my new fantasy series. I will be drawing inspiration from Edgar and Edmund from Shakespeare’s King Lear as well as the Great Bastards from Game of Thrones. My protagonist’s relationship with his half-siblings will be understandably tense, but I won’t say if it will stay that way.


I have just realized that I am in the process of establishing a deeper sense of worldbuilding with my current fantasy books than I did with my previous ones. If the two-part series of The Magnus Dynasty Saga is the bare bones of my fantasy world, I am about to put flesh and blood on it with my new sequel series. It has been an enriching experience so far, which makes me savor the writing process even more.


I found this intriguing theory that suggests that the Disney film Dinosaur was a prequel to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. It suggests that the Nesting Grounds becomes the Lost World, a lush haven that is cut off from evolution and the forces of nature. It also implies that the dinosaurs in the film are the ancestors of the dinosaurs in Doyle’s novel and that the lemurs are the ancestors of the Ape-Men.


In addition to exotic plants and animals, prehistory was a time when ancient and giant landmasses existed. The most famous of these landmasses was the supercontinent Pangea before it broke up into the continents we know today. Other prehistoric landmasses were Laurasia and Gondwana. As The Kaligen Experiment progresses, I will depict the gradual rise of a new landmass that will be like Pangea, Laurasia, and Gondwana. The formation of this new landmass will be tied to the Pacific tectonic plate. Geology is a subject I have not touched on in a while so I will be brushing up on it in the future.

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