I remember an intriguing feature Sephiroth’s sword possessed. Apparently, it was so sharp that the resulting friction would light whatever he cuts on fire. In my space opera story, I will be featuring weapons that can do this. These weapons will be forged from a combination between normal steel and an alien metal.



I have always been a fan of space battles. They are a common theme in space opera stories where two or more fleets fight one another. I like how they are like the naval battles and dogfights from World War II. I recently discovered that the Starship Enterprise was named after a World War II warship called the USS Enterprise. I am thinking of including at least two space battles in my first space opera story. I am even going to name the various ships after real life ships and aircraft from the United States Navy.


I have written the third and fourth chapters of my new space opera book and I have reached the 20th page! The story is flowing quite well. Even though this is a relatively new story idea, I have been planning the idea of a potential space opera story for some time now. I have depicted my first major space battle and what life is like on an interstellar city. Overall, I am liking how the story is turning out so far.



Like some fans, I am concerned if Disney ruined Star Wars. However, after much thought, I have concluded that this is not the case. Most stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Star Wars, on the other hand, is not like other stories. It is a modern mythology that keeps growing, evolving, and expanding. With each film, video game, book, television show, and comic book, we are given another chapter that further elaborates on the mythology of Star Wars. It is a story that is generational in nature. With each new generation of fans, the story’s evolution accelerates. Some chapters are more enjoyable than others as is the case with every franchise, but as a whole the Star Wars franchise will endure and grow. Some die hard fans may not enjoy what Disney is doing, but newer and younger fans are obviously enjoying it and that is what is important. Those younger fans are the future of the Star Wars culture. Some fans did not like that the Legends stories were discarded, but I am glad it was. Even though I enjoyed the Legends stories, I noticed that they were overflowing with inconsistencies and contradictions. With it out of the way, Disney has an opportunity to create a more cohesive Expanded Universe. Compared to Legends, the Disney Canon is doing a much better job of connecting all the stories together into a giant tapestry. Overall, I am enjoying what is becoming of the Star Wars franchise and I look forward to seeing what new chapters will be presented to us.


I have started my space opera story idea tonight. The creative fire burned so brightly in me tonight that I just could not ignore it. Because I have so many story ideas burning in me all at once, I think I will write whichever one works for me each day. Normally, I get distracted when I am writing multiple projects at the same time, but my creative fire is burning from one idea one day and another the next. Either way, I will enjoy the writing process the whole time.

With my space opera idea, I have formulated the timeline that creates the setting of my fictional world. I have started the first chapter, which introduces six of the main characters. Also, an armada is assembling for war and the fate of a strategically important star system hangs in the balance. The second chapter will revolve around introducing the prime main character and what kind of planet he lives in. Overall, I am glad I am finally putting this idea on paper.


Like most space opera stories, the interstellar setting takes place amongst fictional star systems with equally fictional names. However, I am going to break with tradition with my space opera series. Instead, I will be basing my space opera setting on star systems and planets that astronomers found in real life. These star systems and planets will have the same names. So far, over five hundred star systems have been discovered by astronomers and counting. Also, there won’t be any real aliens. Instead, these so-called “aliens” will be so in name only and will actually be humans who underwent physically changing mutations after several generations. In terms of space travel, there will be no “warping”, “light speed”, or even “Ludicrous Speed”. Instead, there will be no speed at all and spaceships will be able to travel to various parts of the galaxy by folding space around themselves and teleporting to another part of space. The spaceships’ models and names will be after real life navies around the world. There will be groups of superhuman warriors who use Damascus steel weapons and are named after real life ancient warriors from Earth. Essentially, I will be basing it on various real world concepts and apply them in a space opera setting. Overall, the outline is in the works and I am liking what I see so far.


Ever since I was a child, I have always been a fan of the space opera genre. I was fascinated by the space battles, the interstellar politics, and the depths of the cosmos. I am thinking of one day writing my own space opera series. I have been itching to write such a story, but it took me a long time to find the right moving parts for it. Now, I think I may have found those moving parts. I will keep you updated on any further developments on this story idea.