Now that four of my new short stories are out, I am starting another one that will elaborate on the origin of my female lead, Tinisha Dolaira. This will be the story that will be portrayed in a fantasy world where magic reigns supreme. In addition, this story will show the events that lead up to my first volume, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell. I will keep you updated on any further developments.




As part of my family’s week-long Christmas celebration, we went to The Queen Mary to have a festive dinner and I had a sensation I will never forget. I heard the stories that this historic ship was haunted and once I entered the center of the ship I noticed the atmosphere completely changed. Throughout my visit, I could feel the back of my neck, shoulders, and upper arms tingle as though someone was touching me even though no one was. It was then I realized my family and I were not alone because there was definitely a presence on board. I am thinking of using this experience in future works.


In my short story, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Thunder Prodigy, I wanted to create a protagonist who has many talents. Before he got his powers from the aftermath of The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb, Chris Braun was already physically and mentally talented. Once he gained his powers, Chris became one of my favorite new characters because I liked his power set and he is a comic book fan who spends his free time reading comics. Chris is smart, educated, and charismatic, capable of leading groups in battle. During a fight, Chris views it as a chess game with each opponent a certain piece on the board. In terms of powers, it would safe to say that Chris possesses the intellect of Adrian Veidt from Watchmen, Magneto’s metal manipulating abilities, and Electro’s electricity powers.