For the longest time, I have been fascinated with the idea of artificial intelligence, a man-made consciousness that has a mind of its own and can think on a similar level to a human being.  While this consciousness is undeniably intelligent and can think, I wondered if it has memories, emotions, and desires of its own like any sentient being.  If this is the case, does an artificial intelligence have a soul?  Human beings, plants, and animals undeniably have souls, but whether or not a construct that was made by mortal hands has a soul is still an ongoing mystery.  Some of my characters in my upcoming third volume will be an example of this age-old puzzle.



I have an update on the preparations that are being made for my book signing at WonderCon this year.  Today, I got the final layout of the posters that will be hung in my booth and have placed an order to add the final touches.  Tomorrow, I will place the order to have T-shirts made so that my many volunteers will wear them at the convention.  I still have much more to do before everything is ready for WonderCon, but I am so far satisfied with what has been done.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


In the science fiction genre, there are a wide variety of mechanical beings: robots, androids, and cyborgs.  The robot is conspicuously a machine, the android is human in appearance but is one hundred percent synthetic, and the cyborg is either an organic being with mechanical parts or a machine with organic parts.  The one that I am intrigued with are androids because they are realistic imitations of a living being.  Androids will play a significant role in my upcoming third volume because three new characters will revolve around the concept of the android, each having abilities that focus on either brain, brawn, or speed.  If the human body is capable of these aspects, imagine how much further an android could push these abilities.  Similar to Cyber Shadow, their physical conditioning will be considerably different than that of an organic being.  I won’t reveal the full details of these characters or their backstory until the third volume is released, but what I can tell you is that one of them will have a very personal impact on one of the main characters.


As I delve deeper and deeper into my various projects, I have come to realize that I am entering new territory by starting my short story sub-series.  I have always been accustomed to create complex characters and elaborate plots, but have never had to create a story that has a compressed storyline.  Until this moment, I have never written a short story before so this will be a good new experience for me in my writing career and something to add to my writing arsenal.  I look forward to seeing the results of this experiment and which direction my writing will take afterwards.


I have completed the first chapter of one of the short stories that will pave the way to my upcoming fourth volume.  I must say I feel a certain fascination and intrigue about the main character of this short story spin-off because of his unique backstory and powers.  His origin and powers will revolve around something to do with harnessing solar power, such as solar panels, and will be combined with the aftermath of volume three.  I have started the second chapter and I look forward to what is waiting over the horizon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I had an idea of what to do with my writing in the future.  Because my writing style has improved considerably since I first started my series eight years ago, I am thinking of producing second editions of my work, which will be complete with new cover art.  This new project will take time to plan, but I believe it will provide interesting results in the end.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Only two more months remain until WonderCon and I have done a lot of preparations so far.  I have completed the basic layout of the complimentary fliers and bookmarks I will be handing out throughout the weekend.  In addition, I have done the groundwork for the posters and banner I will be hanging at the back of my booth.  After completing the overview of these items, I have researched various locations in which I could mass-produce them after my godmother refines them.  I also acquired other vital paperwork that the people in charge of the convention requested.  For the moment, I am waiting for a local school to produce the character concept art that will be put on display at my book signing and am eager to finally see my beloved characters with my own eyes.  Overall, it has been a very busy and productive month and I look forward to all of the developments that will follow.