I saw the Blue Man Group tonight and here is my review about it. The show was a clever blend between subtle humor, surprising props, and masterful special effects. The finale alone was very explosive with an elaborate combination of confetti, ribbons, lights, and giant beach balls flying in every direction. I must say that they know how to entertain their audience and make them laugh with a straight face and without saying a word. It is a show that completes the Las Vegas experience and is recommended to anyone who is seeking a unique thrill.




It is another day in Las Vegas and after examining every aspect of this town, I realize how Las Vegas got its famous nickname: Sin City. All of its attractions revolve around the Seven Deadly Sins. The casinos represent greed, the buffets represent gluttony, the lounges and pools represent sloth, the boxing matches represent wrath, the strip clubs represent lust, the high rolling gamblers represent pride, and the low rolling gamblers represent envy. With this information in mind, I believe I can use it for inspiration for the villain the Young Guardians face when they visit this city.



I have arrived in Las Vegas! It has been five years since I last visited this fun-filled city and it is good to be back. Not only was this where I celebrated my 21st birthday, but it was the sight of a battle that took place in my series. In my third volume, it was revealed that Las Vegas was where the Young Guardians battled a minor adversary, but lost their means of transportation in the process. In the future, I plan to write a short story that will elaborate on what exactly happened. Therefore, while I am in Vegas, I will be examining every inch of this city for inspiration.



Air travel has always been my favorite form of traveling. You could go to any place on the planet through an airline terminal. I am currently on my way to an exciting destination and as I look out at the sunset, I remembered something that inspired me long ago. While gathering inspiration for my first volume, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, I looked out my window on the plane and witnessed the clouds flowing past like a silver current. Upon gazing upon this sight, I thought of the ideal situation Joshua Rauje would be when his ability to fly would first manifest. He would be drifting through the misty heavens, marveling at how small the world is below him. Of course he almost became a bug on the windscreen of a plane, but he left the experience with a refined view of the world around him.


I have reached the fourth chapter of my second short story and I managed to create good character development for the main character. This individual is highly intelligent, analytical, and a natural leader. Also, on the side, he is the incarnation of the traditional fanboy. In addition, he comes from a privileged background and has a lot on his shoulders before the events of volume three take place. Overall, this character will play a significant role in the upcoming fourth volume of my series and will help the Young Guardians amass the army they will need in the final showdown in the fifth volume. As the short story progresses, I am eager to finishing it and moving on to the next one, which seems to be fast-approaching. I will keep you updated.


I have just started editing the eighth chapter of the second edition of volume one. In addition, I have also started the fourth chapter of my new short story. The method I am using consists of dedicating a certain amount of time and pages a day. In this case, I am currently dedicating an hour a day and get as much writing done in that time frame. At the rate I am going, the second editions and several short stories will be ready for release by the end of the season. With that in mind, it looks like I will have an explosion of publications before the end of the year. Even though I still have quite a bit of work to do, I am thoroughly enjoying my summer so far.


Among the various forms of inspiration I experience for my writing, traveling is one of my favorite forms because I actually get to savor the world outside of my hometown. In every location I visit, there is always something that grants me inspiration for me to apply in a future work. In some cases this inspirations could come from the most unlikely place. Last December, I travelled to the island of Kauai in Hawaii and its lush and tropical environment was a great experience to behold and gave me ideas for landscapes of the worlds that exist in my work. Later this month, I will be traveling to a location that is both exciting and somewhat exotic, but what this location is will remain a secret until I arrive. I have visited this place before five years ago and I swiftly discovered how it received its famous nickname. In fact, as a side story, the Young Guardians do visit this location sometime before the events of volume three and it cost them their original form of transportation. I will reveal more in the weeks to come.