Another power manipulation ability is the ability to drain the powers of others and make them your own. I find this one of the cruelest of superhuman abilities because it strips an individual of part of their identity. The difference between power absorption and power mimicry is that power absorption takes powers away while power mimicry just copies powers. The one thing that these two powers have in common is that they allow the user to increase their own arsenal of powers, making them a force to be reckoned with. Because it is one of the cruelest of powers, I am planning to give this ability to one of the main villains and I intend to give them an even more twisted version of this ability to make them even more sinister.



My personal favorite version of Power Mimicry is Empathic Mimicry. What makes this version different from traditional Power Mimicry is that it not only copies powers, but it also allows the user to form an empathic connection with the one they copy from. There are two prominent examples of this ability: Peter Petrelli from Heroes and Hope Summers from Marvel. In both of these cases, the wielder formed an emotional connection with the super humans around them, which allowed them to copy powers. In addition, their power arsenals continued to grow with each power they copied. Even though this power makes the user progressively stronger, it also enables the wielder to develop a strong sense of compassion. I am thinking of giving one of my future characters this power.


Great news! A golden opportunity has opened for my books to be converted into a comic book series! My best friend got me in touch with someone who works at a comic book publisher in Los Angeles. Based on what I have heard, this company has a presence at the Comikaze Convention in Los Angeles. Two years ago, I wrote the first three chapters of a graphic novel script so I will now continue to expand it in preparation for this opportunity. Wish me luck!


Due to my imagination and autism, I tend to see the world in a unique perspective. The creative side of my mind is always active even while I am at my job or school and portray my surroundings in colorful ways. Whenever I experience something positive, I tend to feel as though the world became brighter and I could imagine an individual transforming a hurricane into a gentle breeze or sunlight glittering off the surface of a lake. Whenever I experience something negative, such as when I hear about the evil ISIS is spreading, I imagine the skies darkening or the landscape being drowned in an infinitesimal torrent of blood. Often times, I ask myself philosophical questions about the world such as “Do I exist?” or “Is a utopia possible?” or “If you have superhuman powers, are you still human?” In each of these questions, I can envision countless possible answers and scenarios, which I sometimes use in my writing. When I dream, I experience scenarios that are so profoundly stupid that they can never be funny. Overall, the creative side of my mind is always at work even while I am asleep.


A common ability that is depicted in fiction is shape-shifting, which is the ability to assume to form of any object, creature, or person the wielder chooses. There are several applications that could be utilized with this power. For example, it could be used to infiltrate a location by turning into an individual who has access. Another example is you could turn your hands into weapons such as blades, hammers, and so on when you are engaged in a fight. Also, it could be used to blend in with a crowd in order to avoid being discovered by pursuers. Shape-shifting has appeared in my series before when the demon Fanoxean disguised himself as a prisoner. In my sequel series, a character will be a shape-shifter, but I will not say whether they will be a hero or villain.


When I contemplate the concepts that a future civilization would hold, I consider what kind of livestock it would use. Due to the fact that the Young Guardians’ final battle will produce an apocalyptic event, the possibility exists that traditional food sources would be destroyed. So, the survivors would need to seek an alternative protein source. I have seen in many documentaries that insects are great sources of protein and are delicacies in several parts of the world. The human race has been eating insects since prehistoric times and continue to do so to this day. With this in mind, would a futuristic society of a post-apocalyptic world use insects as a type of livestock to replace the traditional livestock that were lost in the disaster? This is an interesting idea to consider and I will research this further for my sequel series.


As I continue to work on my sequel series, I am planning the groundwork for future chapters. For example, the first few chapters will involve introducing the characters, both the heroes and the villains. The first chapter involves brutally introducing all seven villains while the second chapter introduces the main character, who is the idealistic member of the team. Now, the third chapter will introduce the darkest most intelligent of my main characters as well as a hint of the villains’ master plan. The fourth chapter will involve the introduction of the female lead, who is the most compassionate member of the team. The fifth chapter will introduce the most aggressive member of the team while the sixth chapter will introduce the most eccentric member of the team. In each of these chapters, various elements of the futuristic world will be revealed. Eventually, all of these characters will converge and the real story begins.