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Possibly the most powerful superhuman ability is Power Mimicry, which is the ability to copy and use the powers of other superhumans. In various forms of fiction, there have been different depictions of this ability such as with Amazo from DC Comics, Sharingan users from Naruto, and Peter Petrelli from Heroes. Sometimes users can only use one copied power at a time, others can use multiple copied powers at the same time, while a rare few can use every single power they copied simultaneously to completely overwhelm their enemies. That is why Power Mimicry could be the strongest superhuman ability because there are thousands of known powers and this ability could potentially give the user access to all of them, which would be the closest to godhood a superhuman could possibly reach. I am think of giving this power to the main character of my sequel trilogy and it will not be unmatchably powerful at the beginning, but he will gradually learn to control his growing ability to reach the highest level. It will have considerable psychological effects on the character as he tries to digest each power he copies, which will be similar to the way I struggled with my autism.


I would say that the publication of my first book was one of my most blissful moments. When I received the first copies, I felt like a proud father holding his newborn child in his hands. I admit that it was almost like a pleasant out-of-body experience like I had been emerging from a chrysalis after a lengthy metamorphosis. At that moment, I had discovered a way to create a career out of my imagination. It would be fair to say that it was a rite of passage.

Two months later, things got even better! My first volume, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, was nominated for the 2010 EVVY Awards. Then the Orange County Department of Education had me as their keynote speaker in 2009. The OCDE invited over 200 people from various school districts and I gave them a speech elaborating on my challenges with my autism. At the end of my speech, I received a standing ovation. One might say that being the keynote speaker for the OCDE was the first time I served as an autism ambassador. I was twenty years old!

The next day, all of my friends, family, and loved ones (several hundred strong) gathered at The Old Spaghetti Factory, where a celebration was held for my first published work. There were decorative cakes, book signings, and all of the pasta we could eat. In addition, several of my loved ones had read my book before the celebration and they enjoyed it.

That weekend was the best time of my life alongside WonderCon 2015. The level of recognition and support I gained from the EVVY Awards, OCDE, and my loved ones filled me with more hope and gratitude than I know what to do with. I will cherish that wonderful weekend, and my first volume, until the end of my days.


What if you came into contact with an attack that cannot be defended against? There have many examples of attacks that are unstoppable in anime and manga and they come in countless forms. Sometimes an absolute attack can be a sword that can literally cut through anything, even the fabric of time and space. Other times it is a gun that penetrates any barriers that stand between its barrel and its target. On rare occasions, an absolute attack could take the form of a vortex that can swallow up anything and everything exposed to it. Regardless of what form an absolute attack will take, they all epitomize the essence of an unstoppable force. In my fifth volume, I am planning to have one of Vogan’s most powerful minions possess this power. If a supervillain possesses unstoppable offensive capabilities, how will the Young Guardians win against a power they cannot defend against? An interesting thought to consider.