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I have reached the third chapter of my third fantasy book. It will be told from the point of view of the dragons of House Magnus. This will be an intriguing chapter to read because I have always wanted to write something from a dragon’s point of view. As creatures of fire, magic, and power, dragons are likely very vain and proud beasts. I also get to depict what a dragon’s natural habitat would look like and how their social order is organized. I will be drawing inspiration from interactions wolves have with one another as they arrange the pecking order.


As a dragon fanatic, I have enjoyed and sympathized with the dragons in Game of Thrones. Dragons were the linchpin to House Targaryen’s long term hold to the Iron Throne. Instead of being preserved as the last of their kind, the Targaryen dragons were used as living weapons of mass destruction. One of the saddest of these cases was the dragon known as Sunfyre, the dragon bonded to King Aegon II. Before the Dance of the Dragons, Sunfyre was the most beautiful of all the Targaryen dragons with golden scales that made him look like a living gilded statue. After the Dance of the Dragons, Sunfyre became a ruined and scarred creature that would never fly again. Such a beautiful animal became a ravaged shadow of its former self because of the ambitions of its masters. I frequently wonder what it would have been like if Sunfyre had the chance to live out his existence in peace and die of old age like Balerion the Black Dread did. If Sunfyre reached maturity, I think it would be hard to tell if he was a dragon or an angel.


After watching the war arc progress in My Hero Academia, I am starting to reach a certain conclusion. Before the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front commenced, the public’s trust in the superhero society was deteriorating in the aftermath of All Might’s retirement. For decades, All Might was the linchpin to the superhero society’s success. Now, that linchpin is gone and the other superheroes have been struggling to fill his shoes ever since. In addition, crimes and disasters have been on the rise ranging from Overhaul’s Yakuza and Endeavor’s fight with the High-End Nomu. Each of these incidents have steadily chipped away the public’s trust in the status quo. When the superheroes launched their attack on the Paranormal Liberation Front, they hoped to take the supervillains by surprise before any collateral damage could be done. However, things did not go the superheroes’ way by any stretch of the imagination. Even if the superheroes defeat Tomura Shigaraki and take him into custody, the damage is done and Shigaraki has already won. The superheroes have sustained heavy casualties in the war. Gigantomachia has plowed through over twenty cities across Japan, slaughtering countless civilians in the process. Shigaraki disintegrated a third of Jaku City and displayed his new power for the world to see. Now, Dabi is conspiring with Skeptic to unleash something on the Internet and news broadcasts that could cause more damage to the status quo’s image. Due to these factors, the public will completely lose what little faith and trust they have in the superhero society. Even if the superheroes defeat Shigaraki in this battle, he has already achieved his goal and won the war. The main characters are going to have to adapt to a new status quo that has not been seen since the height of All For One’s reign. It is likely the remaining superheroes and students may be forced into hiding or made to flee the country until they regain enough strength to fight back.


Out of all the supervillains in My Hero Academia, the most mysterious would be Dabi. Dabi seems to possess a darkness that his fellow villains lack. During his interactions with superheroes such as Endeavor, Hawks, and Shoto Todoroki, Dabi seemed to know the superheroes’ darkest secrets. He is like a demon who knows a person’s sins. His usage of blue flames further cements his status as a demon. You know someone is pure evil if they can summon hellfire so easily. Dabi seems to have a greater desire to tear down superhero society than his comrades, even Shigaraki. In the latest chapter, it was revealed that Dabi was collaborating with Skeptic to bring down superhero society. Skeptic is a master of controlling both the Internet and the narrative of a news broadcast. Due to these factors, it is possible that Dabi is using Skeptic to release the superhero society’s darkest secrets to the public. Since Dabi has a tendency to know people’s sins, I think what he and Skeptic have planned is going to cause even more damage to the image of superhero society. The public will lose faith in superheroes due to Gigantomachia’s rampage across Japan and Shigaraki’s destruction of Jaku City, but I think what Dabi and Skeptic have planned is going to be the final nail in the coffin to the status quo. While Shigaraki wants to tear down superhero society through simple destruction, Dabi seems to want to tear down superhero society by twisting and manipulating the narrative. I look forward to finding out more in future chapters.


I have done some great thought about the companions of the main character in my third fantasy book. I am thinking of making these characters a mix between the Top Gear boys, Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings, and Prince Noctis’s companions in Final Fantasy XV. They will be like the Top Gear boys in the sense that they will have their quirky personalities and often bicker with each other. They will be like Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli in the sense that they each are good fighters and wield their own specialized weapons. They will be like Prince Noctis’s companions in the sense that they are fiercely loyal to the main character and maintain an informal friendship. These characters will be princes from three of the southern kingdoms of Gradaia. They come into the main character’s life to improve relations between their kingdoms and the new Imperial Dynasty. Even though these three princes come into the emperor’s life for political reasons, they eventually become his genuine friends.


I have decided to take a little break from my dinosaur book and turn my attention to the latest incarnation of my third fantasy book. Right now, I am so full of ideas and inspiration for my fantasy series that I could not wait any longer. I have written twelve pages in a single night. In that time, I wrote the prologue, the first chapter, and started the second chapter. So far, I have depicted the awakening of an ancient evil and the formation of an army. Due to these developments, my third fantasy book is already at an explosive start. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Because of the power of technological advancement, civilization will always undergo extreme changes. For centuries, the medieval world was governed by swords, castles, and arrows. All of that changed when gunpowder weapons were introduced. Technologies that were commonplace gradually faded into obscurity. One of the most significant advances in technology took place during the Industrial Revolution, which gave way to new methods of manufacturing. In my third fantasy book, a similar form of advancement will take place in the Gradaian Empire. Instead of coal, gunpowder, and steam, my fantasy world will undergo immense change by combining long forgotten magic with machinery. This change is sudden and takes place over the course of just fifteen short years. However, because magic always comes with a price, the price for amassing this much technological power will be steep beyond measure. I will be drawing inspiration from the Industrial Revolution, anime magitek, and steampunk themes.


Scullery maids were common servants in a noble’s household. They were often of low birth and became scullery maids to learn etiquette. In my third fantasy book, I will be introducing a scullery maid as one of the main characters. She will begin her duties under the supervision and guidance of the emperor’s valet. She will be about the same age as the emperor. At first, she and the emperor start an informal master-servant relationship, but it gradually blossoms into a passionate romantic relationship.


Even though I was disappointed by the delay of Jurassic World: Dominion‘s release, I received some historical news. It looks like humans won’t be cloning just dinosaurs anymore. Now, they are going to clone animals from all across prehistory. This development was heavily implied during Camp Cretaceous when it was revealed that Dr. Henry Wu was experimenting with Wooly Mammoth fossils. Further confirmation was provided when the film crew of Dominion posted a picture of a new creature wearing a COVID-19 mask. As a prehistory nut, I instantly recognized the animal as Lystrosaurus even though it was wearing a mask. Lystrosaurus is officially the oldest prehistoric life form in the Jurassic Park franchise because it is a creature that is older than even the dinosaurs. I am glad that the franchise is going in this direction because it is long overdue to feature prehistoric creatures that are not dinosaurs. I look forward to seeing these animals on the big screen in two years.


After much thought, I have decided to not make my third fantasy book about a war or seizure of power like my previous volumes. Instead, it will depict life at the Imperial court . This will involve more than just cutthroat politics and scheming nobles. The story will also be told from the point of view multiple characters as they maneuver their way through the emperor’s court. Due to the uniquely deep nature of the story, I am going to be far more detail-oriented with this volume than I was in previous volumes. This will allow me to provide more development for my characters as the plot progresses. However, while everyone competes for the emperor’s favor, something dark is growing over the horizon.