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Average warriors can be formidable, but what if they were larger and more ferocious than the average fighter? Two examples of this are Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones and Grog Strongjaw from Vox Machina. Even though these two men are large and mighty warriors, their personalities are fundamentally different. Gregor Clegane is more of a thug than a true knight while Grog is a big lovable idiot when he is not fighting. In future sequels to Dawn of the Dark Ice, I will be featuring my own large warrior character. Like Gregor Clegane, my character will be eight feet tall and be a terrifying warrior, but will have a heart that’s bigger than his brain like Grog. In fact, my character will have the temperament of a small child, but will become a mindless berserker when he is in the heat of battle. I am even picturing him wielding two weapons at the same time.


Some fantasy characters are referred to as rogues. Rogues specialize in stealth and often work as either spies, thieves, or assassins. If you need someone who can infiltrate areas, picks locks, or is skillful with knives, a rogue is the kind of person you turn to. I am thinking of creating a rogue character in future sequels to Dawn of the Dark Ice. My rogue character will be like a fantasy equivalent to Han Solo.


Like most people, I am completely afraid of sharks. However, I deeply respect sharks as well. The reason for this is because sharks are one of evolution’s greatest success stories. They are the product of 400 million years of evolution and have survived one mass extinction after another, including the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Even though sharks are being hunted around the world and some species may go extinct due to human activity, as a whole sharks will outlast mankind like they outlasted countless other species. I respect sharks because of their extraordinary ability to survive the unsurvivable.


In the latest trailer for the fifth season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, we got a hint that the Barbasol can that Dennis Nedry used to smuggle embryos out of Jurassic Park has returned. I wonder how this will affect the franchise as a whole. Once Nedry took the embryos out of cryostorage, they only had 36 hours before they were useless to Biosyn. With this in mind, this may be a flashback of someone salvaging the can immediately after the events of Jurassic Park in 1993. Since Mantah Corp are the antagonists of Camp Cretaceous, I wonder if they were the ones who salvaged the can and used the DNA to create some of the dinosaurs on their private island. I hope we get answers when the new season comes out.