“I am . . . inevitable.”

“And I am . . . Iron Man.”

Thanos and Tony Stark, Avengers: Endgame

The following contains spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

It looks like the final battle between superheroes and supervillains is really heating up. Among the many fights that are taking place is the third and final round in All Might and All For One’s grudge match. While fighting Endeavor, All For One subjected himself to an artificial version of Eri’s Rewind quirk. As a result, the crippling injuries All For One sustained during his first fight with All Might were undone. In addition, All For One has been restored to his prime and is getting younger by the minute. Because he was restored to his prime, All For One was able to crush every superhero in his way. However, because he cannot stop Eri’s Rewind quirk, All For One is going to be erased from existence at any moment. Therefore, All For One is hellbent on reaching Shigaraki before he disappears. The reason for this is because if Shigaraki comes in contact with All For One, All For One’s vestige will regain permanent control of Shigaraki’s body all over again.

However, despite all the superheroes he defeated, one obstacle stands between All For One and Shigaraki: ALL MIGHT!!! Despite not having a quirk, All Might has decided to fight All For One one last time. Instead of using a quirk, All Might is resorting to using advanced technology. By combining his experience from his previous fights with All For One and the data about All For One provided by Stain, All Might has created a mechanized suit of armor similar to Iron Man’s armor that comes out of both his suitcase and his car. My Hero Academia‘s author admitted that he has drawn inspiration from the Mark V Iron Man suit from the second Iron Man movie. I believe Horikoshi will also draw inspiration from the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit, which is specifically designed to counter the Hulk. With All Might’s suit, it will be a suit specifically designed to counter All For One.

Because All For One is becoming increasingly younger due to Eri’s Rewind quirk, he is also becoming more unhinged and emotionally unstable than his older self. As a result, he is not going to resist the urge to fight All Might and the chance to finally rid himself of his hated enemy. That is exactly what All Might is counting on. He is using himself as bait to keep All For One’s focus on him and buy enough time for the Rewind quirk to erase All For One out of existence.

Earlier in the series, All Might’s old sidekick, Sir Nighteye, had foreseen All Might’s death. While both Deku and All Might were determined to not make Sir Nighteye’s premonition come true, this could be the moment when All Might dies and performs the ultimate sacrifice. One way or another, All For One is going to die due to being erased by the Rewind quirk so his fate is pretty much sealed. If All Might dies in this fight, it could serve as the catalyst that completes the One For All quirk in Deku. Up until now, All Might’s vestige in One For All appears as a fiery phantom. I think it will only assume All Might’s true appearance when All Might dies. When that happens, the true power of One For All can be unlocked, which will further help Deku in his fight against Shigaraki.

Overall, All Might’s last fight with All For One will allow them to pass the torch to Shigaraki and Deku. The old era of heroes and villains will die with them and a new era will be born through their successors.

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