The trailer for Part 2 of Dune has been released. As such, we got our first look at a number of iconic characters from the books. Among those characters was Feyd-Rautha, chosen heir to House Harkonnen. Feyd-Rautha was famously portrayed by Sting in the David Lynch adaptation and is an intriguing character. Despite being younger than his brother Glossu-Rabban, his uncle, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, chose Feyd-Rautha to be the next head of House Harkonnen. The reason for this is because while Glossu-Rabban was every bit as cruel, violent, and bloodthirsty as the rest of his kin, he lacked his uncle’s cunning and political savvy. Feyd-Rautha, on the other hand, possessed an equilibrium between being violent and cruel as well as being cunning and discreet. That makes Feyd-Rautha the personification and embodiment of all of House Harkonnen’s traits and values. Because Feyd-Rautha represents the core nature of House Harkonnen, that makes him the antithesis and polar opposite of Paul Atreides, who represents the core nature of House Atreides. I like how Feyd-Rautha is portrayed so far in the new film because he maintains the inhuman appearance of the rest of his family. The way he fights in the gladiatorial arenas on Geidei Prime, House Harkonnen’s homeworld, gives him the demeanor of a feral animal, which fits with the character’s cruel and brutal nature. I look forward to see him in earnest when the next film comes out later this year and his iconic duel to the death with Paul Atreides.


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