Average warriors can be formidable, but what if they were larger and more ferocious than the average fighter? Two examples of this are Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones and Grog Strongjaw from Vox Machina. Even though these two men are large and mighty warriors, their personalities are fundamentally different. Gregor Clegane is more of a thug than a true knight while Grog is a big lovable idiot when he is not fighting. In future sequels to Dawn of the Dark Ice, I will be featuring my own large warrior character. Like Gregor Clegane, my character will be eight feet tall and be a terrifying warrior, but will have a heart that’s bigger than his brain like Grog. In fact, my character will have the temperament of a small child, but will become a mindless berserker when he is in the heat of battle. I am even picturing him wielding two weapons at the same time.

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