“I refuse to carry a king who’s weaker than me and get cut to ribbons with him. If you’re weaker than me, then I’ll destroy you, and take your crown for myself.”

Hollow Ichigo, Bleach

I have noticed that there are various anime/manga protagonists who possess an inner power with a mind of its own. Every once in a while, this sentient inner power would possess the protagonist and give them a tremendous boost in power that gives them an edge in a desperate situation. Such examples include Ichigo Kurosaki and his inner Hollow, Naruto Uzumaki and the Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox, and Asta and his devil Liebe. As their respective stories progress, the protagonists gradually learn to bring their unruly powers to heel and make them their own. In my new fantasy books, I am planning to give the main character a similar sentient inner power. His struggle to control this power will further contribute to my protagonist’s character development as the series progresses.

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