As mentioned in a previous post, I noticed some Biblical references in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I have developed a keen interest in the references to the Book of Exodus. It starts with the cloned dinosaurs and how they symbolically represent the Israelites. Like the Israelites, the cloned dinosaurs were enslaved. Based on this, mankind in general represent the Pharaoh since they not only enslaved the dinosaurs but continue to find new ways to use and exploit them. Since the day they were born, the dinosaurs were forced to be theme park attractions, living weapons, and other products of science. When Isla Nublar was destroyed by its volcano, the few surviving dinosaurs were to be auctioned off to the black market. Even though they cannot speak, I can imagine the dinosaurs were asking for freedom and deliverance in their heads. Their salvation comes from the most unlikely source imaginable. Maisie Lockwood, the first human clone, symbolically represents Moses. As the dinosaurs were about to die from poisonous gas, Maisie pushed a button that released them into the world. Since she was a clone herself, Maisie had more of a kinship and connection with the dinosaurs than with the rest of humanity. As such, she said, “I had to. They’re alive like me.” This can be interpreted as her way of saying, “Let my people go.” Just as Moses was born an Israelite yet raised as an Egyptian, Maisie was born a clone yet raised as a human. When the basement door of the Lockwood Manor opened so the dinosaurs could escape, this could be seen as a representation of the parting of the Red Sea so the Israelites could reach the promised land. Therefore, like Moses before her, Maisie freed her people to a promised land. Due to its multiple references to the Book of Exodus, I often think of the songs from Prince of Egypt whenever I think of the scenes and characters that are connected to the Exodus references.

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