I have been watching a new fantasy show on Amazon Prime called The Legend of Vox Machina. It is based on a web series where a group of voice actors play a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. In this show, those same voice actors play the same characters they used in the game. The show revolves around a band of misfits, outcasts, and unlikely heroes. When the story begins, they are the laughing stock of the mercenary industry until they are hired by the kingdom to defeat a dark evil. The characters are funny, relatable, and badass in their own way. Anyone who is a serious Dungeons and Dragons fan will notice the various Easter Eggs that are scattered throughout the show. Even if you are not a Dungeons and Dragons fan or are knowledgable about the franchise, you will enjoy this show. I have known the existence of Dungeons and Dragons for years, but I never played it. This show makes me want to play the game. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes fantasy, action, and crude comedy. Also, this show is definitely not for children!


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