Easily one of the greatest examples of God’s wrath are the ten plagues of Egypt from the Book of Exodus. When the Pharaoh angered God by enslaving the Israelites, a series of plagues were unleashed upon Egypt. The plagues consisted of the following:

1.) Turning water to blood

2.) Frogs

3.) Lice or gnats

4.) Wild animals or flies

5.) Pestilence of livestock

6.) Boils

7.) Thunderstorm of hail and fire

8.) Locusts

9.) Darkness for three days

10.) Death of the firstborn son

As my dinosaur book series, The Kaligen Experiment, progresses, I am planning to include a number of Biblical references to the story. Among those references will be the 10 Plagues of Egypt. These new plagues will not be the same as the ones that struck Egypt nor will they be the result of divine intervention. instead, these new plagues will be similar to the original plagues and have the same impact, but they will be happening on a global scale. The original plagues all but crippled Ancient Egypt as a civilization. Can you imagine how modern civilization who be affected by plagues that are global? These new plagues will be triggered by unpredictable technology that mankind has no idea how to control. Overall, this is going to be apocalyptic in nature.

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