For my future fantasy books, I will be depicting a sword style that is unique to my fantasy world. I am envisioning this sword style to be a mix between Mace Windu’s Vaapad lightsaber technique and Enishi Yukishiro’s Watojutsu. Both fighting styles relied heavily on offensive and counteroffensive techniques used to overwhelm their enemies. In addition to power, these styles also utilized extreme speed to increase their already formidable offense. These styles’ heavy reliance on offense gives their opponent little room to either evade or counter, but it also reduces the wielder’s defensive capabilities. Even so, their use of counterattacks reduces the wielder’s need for defensive methods. With Mace Windu’s Vaapad, it was also a mindset that enabled the wielder to focus and channel their inner darkness in order to further amplify their formidable attacks. Overall, I am envisioning a sword style in my fantasy series that has similar features and it will be the fighting style of choice for three characters.

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