There have been cases in real life when squids were extremely aggressive to humans. One example is the humboldt squid, which is found in the Gulf of Mexico. Humboldts are medium-sized squid, reaching nearly five feet in length. They have an infamous reputation for being aggressive towards divers. There was one case where a diver was wearing armor plating and chainmail that was meant to protect him from sharks. He was attacked by a humboldt squid that wrapped his torso with its spiky tentacles. He said he could feel his chest plate move as the squid’s beak violently ground against it. Because of its red coloration and aggressive nature, the humboldt squid has been nicknamed by the locals as “The Red Devil.” That is from a squid that is nearly five feet long. Can you imagine the chaos and mayhem a Kraken would cause if it was as aggressive as the humboldt squid? That would be beyond terrifying! I am definitely going to include this in my Kraken story.

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