“I have come into the possession of a map. The sole surviving record of an uncharted island. A place that was thought to exist only in myth . . . until now.”

Carl Denham, King Kong (2005)

I have always been fascinated by the various versions of Skull Island. Skull Island has been known to be the home of King Kong, but that is not why this island intrigues me so much. The entire island is an evolutionary anomaly, inhabited by prehistoric giants and monsters that have undergone millions of years of evolutionary mutations. Evolution has a track record for producing real monsters and it evolution has stepped on the accelerator on Skull Island, creating a menagerie of nightmarish abominations. As a result, Skull Island has become widely known as the most hellish place on Earth. I like the 2005 and 2017 versions of Skull Island the best because they depict the unpredictable forms evolution can take under extreme circumstances. It goes to show that Skull Island was uncharted for good reason.


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