Another anime character archetype I will basing the main female characters in my fantasy books will be the Kuudere archetype. A Kuudere is a character who is normally calm, emotionless, and stoic. Normally, a Kuudere’s face is as blank and unreadable as a sphinx. You never know what their emotional state is. However, there are rare occasions where a Kuudere would display emotion. In those instances, the few times a Kuudere shows emotion tends to be intense and powerful.


Another anime character archetype that I will be using in my future fantasy books will be a Dandere character. A Dandere is a character who is anxious, shy, and timid. They keep to themselves, but they open up to a select few. One of the main female characters will be a Dandere who is timid and shy around the main character, but she gradually comes out of her shell.


In my dinosaur book, The Kaligen Experiment, I will be featuring a research facility that is responsible for the creation of the artificial dinosaurs and the island they live in. Growing an island, breeding artificial dinosaurs, and creating a manmade ecosystem sounds like something out of a scifi dream. However, all of these feats are only possible with the proper research facility. This facility will consist of living quarters, genetics labs, a terraforming machine, and a force field that protects the whole building. I have drawn inspiration from a Mars habitat, basic genetics labs from the scifi genre, a theoretical Mars terraforming machine, and the force field from Under the Dome. Since the manmade island would have an alien terrain and atmosphere, I thought drawing inspiration from Mars projects would be appropriate.


I am thinking of making the main female character in my future fantasy books a tsundere character. A tsundere is an anime character who is initially hostile toward the main character, but gradually develops a friendlier side to the protagonist. A prime example of a tsundere would be Noelle Silva from Black Clover. Noelle is secretly in love with the main character Asta, but she denies these feelings and becomes hostile toward Asta if these feelings try to surface. My main female character will be the same way with my protagonist. She will be initially hostile toward him due to a feud between their families, but will gradually let go of her grudge and fall in love with him. It will be similar to Romeo and Juliet except a happier ending.


“The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”

Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars

I have decided to base the main female characters of my future fantasy books on the classic anime character archetypes. One example is the Bakadere archetype, which is the type of character who is clumsy and stupid, which makes them the comic relief of the story. A prime example of a Bakadere would be Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan. Sasha was a lovable idiot who possessed a certain charisma to her. The moment after she was introduced, Sasha became a popular internet meme and a fan favorite character. I am planning to make one of the female characters in my fantasy series a Bakadere who possesses the same level of charm as Sasha Blouse.