The following contains spoilers from chapter 319 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

As Deku remains focused on his one-man war against All For One/Tomura Shigaraki’s minions, his mind drifts to the hope that he would smile with his classmates again after defeating the supervillains. However, Deku has overestimated his friends’ enthusiasm with his crusade and underestimated how worried they are about him. After finding out the truth about Deku’s burden as a One For All wielder and getting answers from Endeavor and Principal Nezu, Class 1A have agreed to hunt Deku down and bring him back to UA. They refuse to let him fulfill his destiny alone. Throughout their time together, Deku and his classmates have formed a strong bond as both friends and comrades-in-arms. Deku thought isolating himself from them would keep them out of danger, but he underestimated how strong their bond was. If Deku will not stop his warpath and accept their help willingly, his classmates are hellbent to pound some sense into him. What Deku is about to receive from his classmates is a serious case of tough love. It is obvious that Deku has become so much stronger since the last time he fought Bakugo, but he is running on fumes and is on the brink of exhaustion. To make matters worse, Deku is outnumbered nineteen to one. Initially, I think this fight will be like when Mirio Togata mopped the floor with Class 1A, but the fight will turn against Deku due to his stamina mental fortitude being all but spent. His friends do not want to fight him, but they will fight him for his own damn good. I have a feeling that Deku’s classmates will use the memories they had with Deku as weapons in an attempt to get through to him.

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