It is common knowledge that Deku is selfless in the extreme. It is one of the reasons All Might chose him as the next wielder of One For All. Even the vestiges of One For All have acknowledged this fact. It is good that a true hero puts others before himself, but there is a limit to this concept. It turns out that Deku’s selflessness is a double-edged sword. While his selflessness allows him to excel as a superhero, it makes him completely disregard his own well-being. This has been on full display in recent chapters with Deku’s one-man war against supervillains. After fighting supervillains and rescuing civilians nonstop for over a month, Deku’s physical and spiritual health has been deteriorating with each battle. Even though he is exhausted, starving, and mentally drained, Deku disregards all of it and pushes forward. Now, his selflessness is working against him. If he does not stop and rest, his mind and body are going to reach their breaking point.

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